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how friendly are your local headshops?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cheetochop420, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Wanna see if your Local Headshops are kick ass or just another pissed of biz place...
    My guy likes to give me extra shit for free.. Pretty cool i think...Guess you gotta do biz some how
  2. yeah I'm from milwaukee, we have a couple headshops, 2 out of the 3 are awesome the people who work there are awesome and if you go in enough they all know you like i know all the names of the workers and talk to them and see them outside of the store and theyre all really friendly cool people. i hate headshops that have shitty workers... bad vibes!
  3. Have my old main one which is more expensive than my new one but much more friendly and i get free rizlas and gauzes and shit then i have my new more commercial headshop which is alot cheaper in general however the shop owner/worker seems to be becoming a cunt... Well i guess at least i have a back up eaither way (Y)...
  4. The old glory near me is pretty good although their prices are a little high, I don't shop there very often but I hear the regulars get hooked up with a lot of stuff. Deep discounts too, if you point out just 1 tiny imperfection in a piece of glass they often take off 50% or more.
  5. i went into mine and got 2 packs of papers 2 2 packs of platnium blunt wraps and a cig roller the other day it only cost me 8 bucks... dont know if thats a good deal or not but o well...

    also he let me have a could papers to try out...
  6. the people that own mine deal meth
  7. Well if any of you ever venture through Minnesota, The Hideaway in Dinkytown (part of Minneapolis) has great people. Plus, it's right by the U of M campus, hot females everywhere! Otherwise Know Name Records people are pretty cool, but more expensive it seems.

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