How finely do you grind your herb before vaping?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MagicRat, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. the finer the better I assume?
  2. Ummm...............depends on the vape. Some vapes prefer a finer grind than others. But yeah, generally finer than when you combust it.
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  3. not a chance unless you wanna breath it in

    cough cough choke

    about the size of a match head does me

    maybe less ..?

    good luck
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  4. I agree with lwien it really depends on what grind works best for you and your vape.
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  5. I mean your grinder grinds weed one size and one size only so i guess problem solved.
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  6. Different grinders, different grinds and with some grinders you can flip the grinder upside down and keep cranking away till you get what you want. However different folks, different takes and different results.
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  7. I grind mine as fine as possible. But that's how my pax 2 likes it

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  8. start roughly ground then you can crush it really fine after 2-3 puffs

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