How FC - Fuck Combustion Forums treat their members.

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    I just wanted to let you know how FC - Fuck Combustion, the famous vaporizer forum treat their members. I was fairly new to this forum, and when I joined the chat yesterday I almost immediately got hateful comments from a OP named SpideyMon. I was being called a nutjob right off the bat by this hateful individual, and I think it's a fucking disgrace that people like him are in charge of this beuatiful website and the channel. You can ask anyone besides SpiderMon, and I'm sure they will tell you I was only there to spread positive energy.

    I had read the forum rules, and I have not broken against a single one. He allthough said that "you can't question authority", and "you have a problem with authority". If I belive somone is doing something wrong, you can count on that I will not shut my mouth about it. And no, this is not a thread of flaming anyone, I simply want to know when I'm allowed back. After he had IP-banned me several times, without being able to answer my question about when I was allowed back and I think it's my right to know when. I will continue to post this thread all around cannabis forums, so people know about how certain forums treat their members. Like the fucking police, "don't ask questions and don't question authority", I'm fucking shocked people on forums like this, and I've been around a lot on similar forums, and never in my life I have been treated like that.

    This looks more and more like a prison camp, where SpideyMon is the control freak "authority" kinda type, and it seem's that he is able to do whatever he wan'ts just if it suits his personal values and opinions. I really didn't see the police state of mind philosophy flowing here, but I just wanted everyone to know what's up. And once again, I didn't knew people that was supposted to be under the influence of this wonderful herb was so full of hate, it's, once again, a big fucking disgrace, and I hope that people will continue to spread this story.

    I decided I had enough, trying to talk to these, outloud fucking morons, so I made a thread at the FC forum instead. First my original account got banned, the htread got taken down. Then I did it again, registred a new account, posted the same thread again. Half an hour later, I was suspended - thread deleteted. That is just so fucking silly, not even willing to talk to me and give me a fucking answer. What a bunch of retard covards, really.

    And also, SpideyMon, if you are reading this, I got really upset when we where chatting about cancer, and the first thing you wrote was "not another Rick Simpson fan", like it was something wrong with being a fan of a man that has gave up his freedom in his own country to help and inform sick people about the anti cancerogenic properties of this beautiful plant. But apparently, as he expressed "more importantly, didn't I ban you yesterday?". I don't think it's good when a OP say such things when we are discussing something as important as this.

    It has been shown in several studies, that goes back even as late as the 70's, that CBD inhibit's the growth of tumour cells in a variaty of different types of uncontrolled cell splits. Even leukemia. And the only reason there haven't been any clinical studies which been involving humans, is simply beacuse the US government haven't allowed such studies. Oh, and I wonder why that may be. They only want what's best for us, right?

    However, if you look around you will find very many stories of people who have sucesfully been curing their stage 4 terminal lung cancer disease, in as short as a period between one and two months, digesting the extracted oil daily. I belive it is extremely important for people to know about the health benefits we humans can have from having a proper endocannabinoid system activated. It activates the system our bodies, which has an inbuilt anti cancerogenic system. If there is a way of preventing, and also complete cure all cell split diseases, I sure hope that people will look into this in more detail. Like Rick Simpson said, "Don't belive a word I'm telling, simply find it out for yourself". There is nothing to be concerned about except ignorant and hateful people that rather stick their head in the sand and acts like "everything is just okey".

    Here is a farily short informative movie about this system, I suggest you watch it; [ame=]CANNABIS SCIENCE - The Endocannabinoid System - YouTube[/ame]

    Also here is some other more reading, I have much more links to studies on my other computer if anyone is interested. (Allthough I know that here on Grasscity 'yey' this has been discussed a lot :)

    The Emerging Role of the Endocannabinoid System in Endocrine Regulation and Energy Balance

    Much love, peace and spread the truth!
  2. Uh...what? I dont follow...

    /sorry I just don't know what the hell you're talking about...never heard of the forum.
  3. To be honest. Up until the last few paragraphs, This forum isn't any different.
  4. The only problem I've had at FC is that if I spend too much time there I end up buying another vaporizer.
  5. [quote name='"BlueHoo"']The only problem I've had at FC is that if I spend too much time there I end up buying another vaporizer.[/quote]

    I don't have a problem with what you said, saw your user pic, the man of time and space mr. Leon Russell, I watch concert for Bangladesh every time I Vape.
  6. yeah FC has a whole buncha trolls and half the mods use their mod status and go on a power trip. It's quite funny actually.

    I stopped visiting because members and in particular a lot of mods had opinions on certain vapes and methods, and when you spoke against it or offered your own advice they'd launch a personal attack against you. They're a bunch of turds, just stick to GC
  7. I have stopped going on there for a while. There are too many people that think they know it all on that one and I just got tired of the angry condescending crap on there non stop.

  8. its funny to see you say that :smoking:

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