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how fast does weed get into your system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ericmeister3000, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. if i smoked, how fast would the weed show up in a drug test

    like if i smoked and took a drug test an hour after would i pass it?
  2. Absolutely not. On average the chemical in marijuana, THC, stays in your system for 30 days. To speed up the process of eliminating the chemical from your system however, you can do numerous things including working out, running and drinking lots of water.
  3. i'm not a biologist but if it got you high then generally the chemichals have made ther way through your blood into your brain so a blood test would most likely be instant

    Not 100% sure on urine tests, but i would imagine since on average it takes 20 mins. to digest food, figure a half hour to be safe, so either way, no probably not would you pass the drug test
  4. he meant would it BE IN his system yet, not would it have LEFT his system yet
  5. Well, if he's high, don't you think it'd be already in his system

    My answer: as soon as you're high.

    And no, don't do that shit.
  6. My fault. In that case the effects of marijuana are felt within the first three seconds of holding a hit. Therefore I would assume it has entered your system at some point within those three seconds.
  7. Lots of answers to that question.

    It would depend on many things.

    How much have you had to drink and what you're drinking. If you have a diuretic like alcohol in your system, it would rapidly enter your bladder.

    The thc itself enters your system from smoking within seconds, but that's crossing the blood/brain barrier, not entering your bladder. If you're dehydrated, it could take as long as an hour for a measurable amount to enter your bladder, but when it did, it would be a very strong ratio due to the dehydration.

    Pretty much a rule of thumb is that you will fail any piss test given more than 30 minutes after smoking MJ. If you ingest it via eating, it takes longer to enter the bladder, but not that much longer. Again, it depends on many factors of your particular body type, what condition it's in and what you've had to eat and drink.
  8. thanks everyone

    whats actually going is that i was clean so pissed in a bottle in case i get tested. and after i smoked i realized i should probly have more, so i pissed in a new bottle. it was probly 15 min from the first hit

    so im wondering if the second bottle will test clean too

    thanks a lot
  9. i heard it takes ~6 hours to show up

  10. not sure what the answer is, but if you have your questionable urine already why not just go down to a drugstore pick up a cheap diy test and test it?
  11. Im pretty sure it would show up on a blood test almost immediately after smoking.

    I do not know how long it would take to show up on a piss test but why the hell would you smoke an hour before a drug test? Wait an hour and then smoke right afterwards..
  12. This, some people even say up to 3 days
  13. for the piss test. Its called your 2nd piss after being high. the 1st piss would be clean. the 2nd piss would have the trace amounts and every piss after that till your clean. in a week-a month depends on your health style and how much you smoke

    So you will fail your drug test.
  14. just a thought, if you show up to the drug test high, i doubt it matters how it comes out
  15. Just pack another bowl and get high?

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