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How fast does an edible tolerance build?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Wavelength, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Because I am in the middle of a dilemma. Get an O of some dank for 280, or get a quap of mids (green, just sticks and seeds) for 180.

    I'm trying to reduce/possible even altogether stop my smoking, so I'm leaning towards the quap of mids, which is 2/3 of the price of just an O of dank anyway.

    The thing is, I don't smoke mids (if I was gonna smoke it I'd just buy dank anyway) so I was gonna make edibles.

    Now I've made Budder before, and it says that for every 10g of bud you put in a stick of butter. So a quap is 112 grams, we were planning on just throwing that in with 10 sticks of butter. When I make budder though, is the amount of butter I put in close to the amount of Budder I will receive from it? In other words, is expecting 10 sticks of Budder from a quap of mids realistic? Then each batch of cookies requires a stick of butter and yields about 15 cookies. So if I have 100-150 cookies will I be able to eat those consistently (I'm talking every day) and get baked as hell on the same amount or after 2 weeks am I gonna have to eat like 7 cookies just to feel something?

    That's basically all that's stopping me from getting this quap.

    So, if you know the answer, please help a blade out :D
  2. a quap of mids for 180? Fuck, I wish I could get that. I pay 135 for a zip of mids. Really good ass mids, but mids none-the-less
  3. Edibles affect everyone differently, make sure you decarb before you bake though.. Sounds realistic but it should work out..
  4. ^After reviewing multiple threads I came to to the conclusion it was better to decarb before also. I think my tolerance for edibles would go up pretty quickly since my tolerance for smoking goes up fast. I made a 2-2.5g edible for me the other night and it was sort of strong.

    Oh and I would go with the qp of mids. 4 ozs for 180, that's a fuckin' deal. You could make some hash with that.

    If you have any sort of tolerance at all the same will happen to edibles. It should at least.
  5. Yeah.. probably going with the quap. 4X as much for 2/3 the price. Instead of doing all edibles though I might mix it up and make edibles, hash, and then smoke some blunties. I could vape that shit too.

    EDIT: And as for the deal, yeah, my dealer is my best friend's dad, so I/we get hooked up faaat. (for mids at least.. 280 isn't bad for an O of dank though)

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