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how fast do you go through your weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sk8rsian, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I go through weed crazy fast because I smoke multiple times a day. A dub lasts me less than a week :( I always say "ok I'm gonna conserve and make this last for ___ days/weeks" but I never do! For instance, I got about 2.5 gs on Friday night, and here I am Monday night and I onlyhave about 2 or 3 gb bowls left :(
    Out of curiosity what are your guys' conserving habits?
  2. when i lived in my old town with friends i didnt conserve weed cus i didnt have to. i would use my weed money for all of us to smoke and somebody else would do so on different days so we all end up smoking every day. but since i moved and my tolerence went down a lot a bowl of dank gets me pretty high lol sooo i can make a gram last a couple days. a quarter would last me quite awhile.
  3. About an 8th a week
  4. 2 gs a day on weekdays.. And weekends vary from a q to a zip
  5. Dude my weeds like gone in 60 seconds
  6. wellll...I had 3 oz two months down to one :( you do the math haha
  7. My weed always goes way too fast.. It never seems to last long enough.
  8. That's just dumb.
  9. When I have the money I'll smoke up to a dub on weekdays and about 3gs on the weekends. If I have to I've made dime bags last almost a week with my vape.
  10. too damn fast thats why im dry now and it sucks ass.
  11. [quote name='"CinnaSquares"']

    That's just dumb.[/quote]

    I have a lot of friends that smoke alota ganja :D
  12. ill try and make an eight last two days usually. And that is strictly out the g bong
  13. lol you guys suck at conserving. i can make 2g last me a week (5 days)

    just smoke bowls out of gbs and when you smoke with someone make them pitch
  14. I usually go through a dime sack on the weekdays (Monday through Friday) and a gram on weekends.
  15. ive had a g for a couple weeks now but i really dont try to smoke that often but when i do i always end up here instead of playing video games or something posting the thoughts that run through my head
  16. 27931.9407 minutes on average.
  17. Its gone by the time Im 3 houses away from my dealers place.
  18. This 5g has lasted me a good three weeks, with a few weeks left of it. I have a super low tolerance and can't use it that often.
  19. On average i go through 4.2 grams a week. That's based off a usual .6 over the course of a day for one week. I burned more before I became unemployed. So until someone calls me back, I will be a 4.2G a week
  20. I usually smoke once or twice on weekdays and on weekends only but this past week I've been smoking daily. 2g gone in 9 days by smoking daily and smoking out one of my friends once.

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