how fast can you jump a fence?

Discussion in 'General' started by PerezPurpp, Jan 25, 2009.

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    that kinda fence
  2. ive never had to. i had a dream where i snagged my balls on a fence though
  3. fast enough...

    but it depends what kind. i can jump the wire ones pretty fast
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  4. Im a fuckin pro at jumping fences.
  5. fast.. i get up so i kinda had to force myself to learn

  6. ha word

    definitely does depend on what kind of talking your standard...5ft tall fence with the bar across the top to make it easier .

  7. like chest height? in one go. run, hand on fence, body swings up and over...

    like 1.5x my height? (8-10foot fence?) like, a jump, a climb, and a hard heave. maybe 8 seconds.

    wooden fences are another story. if they're pointed up top you're gettin fucked
  8. Never had to, but I bet I could do it pretty fast.
  9. i could probably clear it if i was running from cops

    so really fucking fast?


  10. easier said then done my friend :laughing:

  11. yeeah man and these:

    not so fast..
  12. ive done graff for so long. plus I love watching people do parkour. so im a fucking expert at hopping fences. even the wooden ones with the gap in between them. im like a fucking spider monkey.
  13. i can jump those this fast:

  14. i never had to do it, so i'm not sure

    but i'm a small dude, i can move my body weight around pretty good. i'm sure i wouldn't do too bad it i practiced

  15. that's what she said
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  16. ohhhhhhhh shnappppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  17. once when the police rolled on me in the park when I had a bong and full sack I sprinted like 30 yards through dark trees and climbed like a 10-15 foot wooden fence in like 30 seconds.:rolleyes:
  18. I wish there was a "not too good" answer to the poll. This is what happened last time I encountered a fence.


  19. officially fucked up by a fence. that looks pretty painful. deffinatley sounds like a good story though!
  20. ha so i should start another thread

    "Anybody ever lost a fight against a fence"

    lol...that sucks

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