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  1. I am almost ready to start flowering my blueberry and my purple widow. They are doing great i cloned a couple days ago and LST'd the widow (it was outgrowing the bb). Now i have it under 24hr darkness before i begin to flower. My question is how far should i keep my hps250w away from the plant at this stage? any help would be appreciated. Oh by the way its a dwc and it is well ventilated.
  2. Keep them just above the plant if you don't want it to stretch out that much.

    But if it was a stronger light you would have to raise them a little bit over anyway
  3. dont put it too close you dont want er to burn
  4. Yeah, as I said, but he has a 200 HPS and that's considerably less powerful
  5. I have a 250w and its about 18" too far? too close?
  6. heres a chart

    Hope it helps

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  7. i've grown a couple times with a 250w HPS. i typically kept the light about 10-12 inches from the top of the plant. as long as your hand doesn't feel like it burns when you put your hand underneath the bulb then you're ok. if it is unconfortable for your hand at that distance, it's unconfortable for your plant at that distance too. hope that helps. :)

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