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How far you have to travel to get your bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by roma, May 3, 2011.

  1. It's about a 15 minute walk to his place, only need to cross into another suburb. It's beautiful this time of year because all of the deciduous trees along the streets go red, orange and yellow, so I walk to and from with that scenery and the anticipation of smoking. :D
  2. 5 hours total

    was worth it
  3. 2 hours there on a train and 2 hours back. Plus I've first got to get to the train station. Fucking sucks
  4. I have 3 dealers, one is about a 10 minute bike ride, one is a 2 minute ride, one lives in the next room and is my brother, weed is quite easy to come by these days for me
  5. Around the block one way, and end of the block the other way. But the first guy only sells dubs and higher. The other guy sells it all.
  6. My last connect lived five minutes away, and I just had to meet him in a lot outside this pizza place a few minutes from my house. Shortly after he went to college I got let go from my job and didn't bother looking for a solid connect. I met up with this kid in town whom I've been buying from since. Sometimes from this one dude, but I never bought more than a dub sporadically so there was no reason to ever meet him. And lately him and his sister have been selling a bit. I don't even have his number anymore but anytime i've needed him I just needed to go into town for an hour and i'd run into him.
  7. one hour and i had smoked the stuff before so i knew it was totally worth it
  8. My guy delivers right to my door, he usually brings a joint with him aswell... love this guy!
  9. My dealer and I work together. We take a cigarette break during work, do the transaction then.
  10. I have over ten dealers. Some come to me, some don't. For weight its only a 10 min walk from the bus stop.
  11. about ten steps in any direction :)
  12. >Served in Afgh with the guy who deals to me
    >One of like 10 dealers in my entire region (not much in Norway)
    >Brings the stuff to my place, hand-delivered and then tested on the spot before price is negotiated and sale is made
    >Then we get really high

    ... :D
  13. 45 min drive 1 way...
    Really dank weed but always light, and 450$ per O

  14. dude your getting fucked lol.

    say something or your gonna keep getting fucked.
  15. i just have to go to school and the buds come to me
  16. 15 min bike ride, or a 30 min bike ride if the guy who's 15 mins away isn't available.

  17. Same here except when we take a break it's a smoke break, and I'm not talking about cigarettes, haha.
  18. I go through home delivery they are always on time and always come thru with dank. When ever I have bout a g. left I go on their website and see what they have in stock if I call before 3 pm they can have it to me the same day and sometimes they just bring a bunch of bud so I can see what they got and I can choose from there it's like they bring the whole despensery to your door sort of like meal on wheels except it's dank on the go lol
  19. #39 devilzlettuce, May 3, 2011
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    It's ok bro he likes to pay large amounts of money before he gets fucked
  20. typically i either walk downstairs or bike about 4 minutes. other hookups i can drive to or have delivered.

    gotta love knowing people. :p

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