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How far you have to travel to get your bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by roma, May 3, 2011.

  1. I am just wondering through what lengths do people go to get their hands on some herb. Maybe home delivery? That's sweet too.

    How much time does it takes before you decide that you want to re-up and you have bud in your hands?

    As for me, I have 3 dealers that are in a line, the farthest guy is like 4 mins walking. Closest one is my neighbor but he takes forever to answer his phone, guy in the middle is never there but if he is there then I can get bud right away. Same goes for the first guy, I can get it right away if he texts back right away and he is like across the street. Then other dealers that I usually pick up with my homies only are like 1/2 an hour. :smoke:
  2. i have three options and i dont even have to put shoes on for two of them. the other is about a 2 min walk

    ahhh the college life

    the real world is gonna suck
  3. My dealer lives 4 houses down and he's never dry. It's a blessing. I only wish it were free.
  4. 2 dealers, first is about 3 miles away, second comes to me :smoke:
  5. I have this thing. It's called medical marijuana. When you have it, you have this thing called a list of growers/providers/dispensaries. Now I don't know about other states and places that are not the city, but that list is more than 100+ options of where to get your bud. Right now, the most convenient one is about 4 blocks from my place, but I also have a list of home delivery-places when I can't make it out and about. Though really, I like to go to this one dispensary, it's a 10 minute drive but totally worth it because they always have a huge selection of about 15 strains at a time as well as edibles.
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    I have one main dealer, and about two I hit up occaisionally to see what they're working with and to reconnect---a long with a few friends who are in the same position as myself. We trade sometimes.

    I give my main dude about a 1-2 day update on when I'll be needing some more. From the time I tell him I need more, I can expect a call for him telling me everythings kosher and to come on over.

    I've never driven more than 20 minutes for weed in my life. **edit** I take that back, I will SOMETIMES drive to the city about an hour away from me to pick up and chill there for a day or two. But mainly, in the distant past and present I drive no more than 20 mins. My main guy is about 10 minute drive.
  7. are you teasing me?
  8. i gotta drive from the county to the city but thats only like 15min
  9. Just finally got my first solid connection, lives about 25 minutes away by drive. usually the message him the day before i go there.
  10. About 3 seconds away.
    The room across from me.

  11. Before I answer; If I am, is it a bad thing or a good thing?
  12. well I'm definitely not retarded
  13. not far at all... just have to open the crate that's next to me and take out a jar :)
    once a year, i have to go as far as my garden and the nearby forest to harvest...
    and an odd amount of times a year, i've got to walk down the hall to my grow room and chop.


  14. [​IMG]
  15. I've a f**kin one hour drive there and back!!!

    Gotta do it today as I'm all out. :-((
  16. dude, I wouldn't even mind that lol

    if it's nice views far and wide then I can do without an emergency-long-drive joint, but if it's some depressing shit outside the windows then I gotta get a joint and put some pink floyd on. :smoke:
  17. I haven't been able to find bud in my area consistently in over 2 years, I've been going insane smoking this fake incense crap, gets me high but raises my blood pressure too much. The shortage has resulted in me recently starting my own grow cause now they just banned the incense in my county...sobriety licks ass lol.
  18. how's coughing up blood working for ya?^
  19. My guy drives pretty close to me, so I can grab on the way home from work. The other one is only a couple minutes walk from my band's practice space, so whenever I'm there and he's available, I stop by

    My most conveinent situation ever was a couple of summers ago when my guy lived like a 5 minute walk from my house. He stopped dealing though.
  20. i have multiple decent dealers, and alot of Aboriginals who live in the ghetto who just sell from there door, all you do is just rock up, normaly shit weights but good weed, i only go here if im realy desperete or if its easier, 10minute walk from school 40min drive from home. you can also barter with them as theres so many apartments trying to sell, best i got was 3sticks for $60 when a stick normaly cost $30 (1.8g)

    my most decent dealer is a 20min drive away he sells weights dead on and scales infront of you, he normaly chucks in a bud or too, hes more of a dealer i go to get 1/8s 1/4s 1/2 or Oz.

    Normaly if im just after a small amount like a couple of grams, ill ask my neighbour hes my reguler smoking buddy now, just moved into this house from a different state, hes 24, im 18 but his smoking hut is right next to my smoking spot so i just jump the fence when hes out grind up and talk and smoke very chill guy (we both live with our parents too haha)

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