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how far should a 400watt hps be away from plants

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by shaun420, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. how far away should my 400 watt hps be away from the plants... i have it at about a foot and half.. should i move it to 2 feet?.. the plants are about 3 and half weeks old
  2. their old enough for full light now...hold your hand at tops of plants backside up...if it gets pretty warm on your hand its too warm for the plant..i keep my 400 about 14 inch above plants:smoke:
  3. I was at the hydro store the other day and dude was testing a 600 watt hps and man oh man was that shit hot. I could feel the intensity from like 8 ft away. But thanks for the info, it'll come in handy when my hps comes in and I start flowering.
  4. With a cool tube I can keep mine 8-10" with no problems.

    Without the cool tube it was more like 14".
  5. yup...a 600 switchable hps/ms with cool tube would be a do all light for my inside grow...i just bang away with the 400 and cfl supplimentals:smoke:

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