How far HID light for seedlings.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by masterlights, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. I read somewhere..i think jorge's grow basics book that an hid light should be kept 3-4 feet away from seedlings for good sounds a bit far and was wondering what the experienced growers on this site did.i have a 400 watt with radiant hood and kept it about a foot away from seedlings but have been having slow growth problems.

    also for the first 2 weeks of growth from seed and a normal 75 temp with 50%humidity how often should seedlings be sprayed.also is spraying a good idea throughout the seedling stage until the plant starts taking def not trying to overwater or water to often and figured its pretty impossible if you only spray a couple times a day.
  2. id keep the light atleast 2 feet away. depending on how much heat its putting out under it, feet it with your hand, 12" us usually pretty hot, but might be ok for a 4 week old plant.
  3. yea im not really worried about heat but was wondering if the too intense light is bad for em.
  4. bump.anyone??
  5. You can use a HID for your seedlings just keep it about 36'' away or 3 ft. and keep them on the outside perimeter of the light for the first week to two. Nothing wrong with giving your seedlings a mist either, just don't overwater them. Best of luck! :)

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