How far have you hiked ???

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    respect for the search and rescue hike for sure man, some people are more lost than others.
    i've always wanted to go to philmont, since seeing pictures from a trip a couple of boy scouts from another troop went on (back in the day haha).
    thanks for the reminder - it's back on my list!

  2. thats katahdin huh? one of the most pleasurable experiences in my life was doing the chimney pond trail to cathedral, then across summit, knifes edge and down helon taylor. smoked a jib at the summit sign!
  3. I've walked like 13 miles but that was on the side of the road not the forest
  4. Cool stories. Hiking is something I might start up.
    I just got home from hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It's a 26 mile hike over a 4 day period and honestly an experience I can't describe with justice. Day 2 is by far the most difficult. 5'ish hours up hill, of which most of it consisting of uneven rock and then 2-3 hours down hill. I unfortunately got very sick because of the elevation. It just happened to be raining and then snowing for a good portion of that specific day's climb, too. I don't know how I made it but I did.
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  5. I did a 13 mile round trip hike for a geocache once.
    It was a nice hike that I wouldn't mind doing again, the only downside was the gal leading our pack, she kept a pace that about killed us.
    Next time I'll just go alone and enjoy the walk at my pace....
  6. I've hiked like 3 or 4, 50/60 mile hikes in 4 to 5 days time. Those trips were always my funnest vacations :)
  7. Nice stories fellows! 
    I think the longest trip was last summer. We hiking about 10 miles on foot in dense forest. Same trip i drive cycle about 22 miles. Of course, more than a heavy backpack on back. Overall the trip take 24 hours, with 6 hours of rest. 
    In the army we maybe made longer trips.. cant remember.
  8. I did a 23 mile hike in Yosemite a couple years back.
  9. respect to all you who hikes miles and miles. its no joke hahaha! 
  10. I hiked 80 some miles at Isle Royale National Park. I've also hiked about the same length along the Lake Superior Hiking Trail. 
    When I was in high school one of my buddies did the Lake Superior Hiking Trail buck-naked, incidentally at the same as our English teacher took it the reverse way (North-to-south as opposed to the other way around). Somehow he avoided her the whole way.
  11. I've hiked 2 hours(idk the miles) for the first time with my gf. I live and love nature and hiking wS te best!
  12. Most miles I've hiked in a day was 14 on a trip to the Adirondacks. I was a Boy Scout and we went to this place called philmont in New Mexico we hiked 84 miles in 10 days through crazy back country.

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