How far have you hiked ???

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  1. My personal best is 20 miles in 2 days. Short 5 mile the first day and 15 the following day. I live locally to the AT so i crank out a lot of 5+ mile trips throughout the summer.
  2. That's really good. Maybe someday I'll be in great enough shape to do two good long hikes in back to back days.... But I'll tell you, the "day after" I did that last 15 miler, it was a workout to get my legs out of bed, and stood up on them, the next morning :) LOL
    Granted, I'm old... but no excuses, right ? :)
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    I hiked to my fridge, longest damn walk in my life.  :bongin:
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  4. haha im in terrible shape, i could barley walk when i got home. We did huck it hard so we made great time. My dumbass friend wore wrestling shoes the whole trip. Silly mutherfucker for sure.
  5. The longest has been like 8km for me. We tend to do shorter hikes now as we have a toddler so keep it around 2-3 km. I miss it. Need to hike more this year. My grandparents hike every weekend in the spring and fall and as much as they can in the winter. And they are 80. Total role models.Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk
  6. once spent two days hiking for search and rescue, hiked about 20 miles the first day and probably 10 miles the second. by the end of the first day i swear my pinky toe was falling off, it was up and down a bunch of long ass hills too. it was fun doing map and compass work though, some groups had to hike twice as much cuz they bombed their coordinates haha.
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  7. Live in the UK. Did a 26 mile trek across Hadrians Wall in 9 hours and 15 minutes! was rather pleased as this was my first real big trek. Slight incline here and there was pretty destroyed after, pretty much locked into position in a chair.
  8. I haven't ever calculated the lengths of my hikes but once this damn winter is over I will be doing 24 miles round trip over probably 2 days up pikes peak. I live about half hr from the trail and it is 12 miles each way. Other than that I just go hike in the Rocky mountains till I get tired and head back.
  9. I love to hike! I golf a ton and always walk, so I am used to walking, and I enjoy it. I have only done a handful of hikes, being on the prairies, there's not too much around here. 
    I was in Oregon and we hike one way about 2.5 hours. I wish I knew a distance. Half hour in there was a really sweet diving spot with some people hanging out. We jumped in once from a 10 foot ledge, but there was one up another 6 feet probably. We continued hiking along the path, and came pun a huge cliff into water. We saw two guy run and jump from the other side. They were falling for a long time, it must have been a 60 or 70 foot fall. There were a couple spots where the path was only a couple feet wide with a drop off on one side. At the top we were able to walk through a cave in the rock behind a waterfall!! 
    Another time, in Quebec, I hiked into the mountains along a trail, only about 10 minutes. We camped near a waterfall, had a big fire, some beer, and swam near the waterfall in the morning. 
  10. i've hiked a few states worth of the A.T. but the most in a single day is 25 miles.
    i really want to do washington this year.
  11. HighFoSho, much respect to you for turning around your fitness!! I can relate, I too was a bit on the heavy side about 7 years ago. So I went for a hike, MY FIRST backpacking trip ever!! I did the whole A.T. southbound...starting with Katahdin was VERY tough and the N.H. presidential range was not much easier, I did not know what a switch-back was until Vermont. However, within a month or 2 I had my hiking legs under me and was shedding body and pack weight quickly, VERY rewarding life-changing experience. Highly recommended.
    So back to the topic at hand, my single day longest hike was 32 miles. Hiked the northern half of the Smokey Mounts from whatever the 1st shelter was to the road crossing to get down to Gattlinburg. So why did I do this? Well we heard the Colts and Bengals were matching up on Monday Night Football. I'm a Benglas fan and the buddy I was hiking with a Colts fan...We had to make it.
    I often travel I-40 going between TN and NC, mile marker 451 in TN always brings back memories of that day. That is the last A.T. road/trail crossing just before the Smokey Mountains. 
    Also did 51 miles over the course of a day/night hike to get to a Post Office in Hanover, N.H. only to find out it was a holiday and closed...
    I am definitely no bad ass when it comes to hiking, it did take me nearly 6 months to finish the 2,200 miles. Took LOTS of days off, and sometimes only went a few miles a day.
    It's not about the miles, IT'S ABOUT THE SMILES!!
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    I did 15 miles on the long trail in Vermont back in 2012. I was in FAR better shape back then. I injured my knee last year and I just can't be as active on it without moderate to severe pain the next day...It's just not worth it. I used to do 10 mile treks several times a month in the warm seasons.
    There's some decent uphill trail systems around where I live, so I'm still able to do 3-5 mile treks several times a month. But again, with my knee injury it makes strenuous activity difficult.
  13. I wonder if you make a really strong cannabis salve and use it topically on your knee during and after your hikes if it will help. That really sucks to be physically restricted in a sport you love.
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  14. 500 miles over 30 days w/ 15 kilo bags over the Pyranees mountains in France all the way to the west most tip of Spain kissing the Atlantic.  Trip of a lifetime I tell ya.
    Thanks again to all of you.
    Lefty, yea', and its so freaking empowering, right ?
    Its kind of funny... When I started this whole "back to fitness" journey, my idea was to lose all the fat, and put on all the lean muscle mass that this old body, with lame genetics, could possibly produce. So after 4 years now, its pretty obvious that I will never be a muscle monster like I see on the Internet (Ronnie Coleman, ZKK, Jay Cutler, etc) I mean, I have put on 45 lbs of lean muscle... which is a lot... but mostly just because I was probably SO far below normal muscle mass, to begin with.
    So anyway, a couple days after I did that 15 mile hike, I was sitting at my PC desk, and without thinking, I reached down to grab my ham muscle, on my left thigh.... and I was almost shocked ! Suddenly (in my hand) my left ham muscle felt like a big, solid ball.... like when you flex your bicep ? ...except on my leg ! I really hadn't even thought about "building muscle" on my hikes. On the contrary, I've kind of had to battle the idea, that all this excess cardio, might take away from my muscle mass (even though I try to keep my cals high enough to maintain the muscle I have).
    Heck, my body building bro actually told me, my body is only going to let my upper body get so big.... and after 4 yrs, that might not be much more....
    But since I had not done much with my legs, I could probably still put on 10-15 lbs of lean muscle on them, relatively easy, which would go a long ways to getting me to my 225@9% goal. Feels like I've put at least 5 lbs on them, with my hikes.
    And just to brag, I am feeling totally ripped at about 212 right now :) 11% BF ? 203-205@9-10% in 3 to 5 more weeks ;)
  16. 15 in one day. I was exhausted with a 75 pound pack

    Total, in one SUMMER? Like 150 miles.

    That same year, but in the winter I did a lot of local hikes, bikes, and camped a lot near Santa Barbara. Trippiest was just a small walk to the Manson Caves near Topanga Canyon Blvd/ Santa Susana Pass. Spooky
  17. I have spent a week hiking the AT. Did about 70 miles in a week.
    Also hiked 77 miles for 12 days in Philmont new Mexico.
    They were great experiences.
    I hope to do it again one day.

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  18.    Took some fun hikes when I was fighting forest fires in the southeastern United States.    Before dawn we would head out, sometimes hiking 2-3 hours to the spot where we began our fire line, mop up, etc.  Hike right back out, usually getting back around dusk then mow down @ an all you can eat buffet.   Then do it all over again the next day.
    When I lived in the Pisgah national forest located in western North Carolina,  I would usually go on a 6hr hike every weekend. 
    no idea the exact # of miles
  19. The AT has been on my list for way too long. I need to do something about that.
  20. longest I have is only 5-6 miles XP

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