How far have you hiked ???

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  1. I mean legitimately.... like, "you know the exact miles" because of trail info, or GPS, or whatever....
    Well, I'm guessing some of you might have done 20 or 25 miles in a day ?
    My story is, I was in such horrible physical shape most of my life, I never wanted to walk 100ft... let alone miles.
    So 4 years ago, I flipped the script, and a big part of my workouts (most of my cardio) became hill climbs. The thing is though, it has always been like 45-90 min, pushing hard the whole time (like 70-90% max).
    However, until yesterday, I hadn't really just set out to do some long distance "pacing myself" kind of hiking.
    But now I have.... and I don't know if this will sound like a hop and skip for some of you, but for me it was an epic ass kicker, and I felt SOOO freaking good about myself to have done it ! :)
    Google Earth says I hiked just over 11 miles, with about 1400ft of elevation gain :)
    I'm planning one in the next little bit, which will be only like 7 miles, but with 2500 elevation climb.
    BTW, although I've lost a lot of weight (fat) in the last few years, and am fairly lean (about 12% and starting my cut next week... 10% by May :) I'm still a pretty big guy... 6ft, 220.
    Point is, I'm NOT one of those skinny guys you see running uphill, on their tip toes, and never breaking a sweat ? < Those guys need to forget hiking, and spend some time in a weight room :) LOL

  2. That's stellar, man, good on you. That's such a great way to get into and stay in shape. I'm a runner and love to hike, so definitely love hearing others' stories on the matter. I'd love to go legit and climb an actual mountain. That's on the to-do list.
    I've never done an exceptionally long hike, or at least not one that I've measured. The most strenuous I've tackled was last summer, where I took part in a half-marathon (23km/14mi) in northern Australia. I was initially going to run the full marathon, it became abundantly clear very quickly that I was not in the right shape. And I like to think I'm in shape - I'm not new to marathon running.
    The full marathon is 26 miles on a dirt trail through the rainforest, over the saddle between the state's two highest peaks (not sure of that height, but the mountains are about 5000ft each). It's a lot of uphill and snaking back and forth, and during the week before the race it rained so much that the whole trail was mud. Temperature that day was cresting 90 degrees, whew!
    Anyway, I finished in just over 4 hours and the last half-mile or so is a total blackout, 'cause I was beyond spent. Crossed the finish line and just fell, splat, into the mud.
    Overdid it just a bit. :laughing:
  3. Half Dome was pretty awesome :) although it started raining about halfway through!
  4. Hey man good for you just keep it up and before you know it you will be a beast. The farthest I've hiked in a day is about 20 miles, on the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Boy was that tough haha. I thought I was going to die on the way up to the summit of Mt. Washington. My legs were like jello afterwards, especially with a 35 pound bag on your back. Thats another good suggestion man, start adding more and more weight to your back it provides for much better workouts on inclines.   
  5. Hiking is a normal part of life, for me.  Anyone can hike a steep grade, but I have to navigate through hillsides with loose sediment, large loose stones, cacti, and while being vigilant of rugged terrain, i have to worry about rattlesnakes.
      And THEN, on top of that, I'm flipping 30-120 lb stones over.  Lol i doubt anyone on this board hikes like i do.. haha
      This is an example of what I hike:
     And this isnt even as treacherous as it gets, haha
  6. Hey thanks ya'll :)
    AR, your tougher than I am  :) Especially in the running dept ! I'm just too big to be a good, distance runner. Heck, even at 10% I'm going to be 205-210. Which is why I just stick to my cave-man-stomp :) LOL
    Yadda, that is SO cool. I LOVE Yosemite :) I've looked into half dome, but it is tough to even get a reservation for it now, and with my ADD, I need less distractions (people), so I can pace myself correctly. Couldn't do that in a line of people. Going with the flow goes completely against my nature ;) LOL
    Timok, that sounded like a tough one you had too ! As far as, a heavier back pack for an increased workout, well, a couple things come to mind... 1) my back pack is going to be getting heavier and heavier, on these farther and farther hikes, not only from water / food, but camera gear, {whether I like it or not} but then 2) all of my hiking for the last 4 years has been "for my workouts" where I pushed really hard for 45-90 min.
    Now that I'm looking at much longer, higher climbs, I'm actually thinking of ways to make it easier on myself.... with the "workout" coming from the shear distance and height of the climb.....
    Actually pacing myself for the first time.
  7. Hey h2x  :)
  8. Bet I could get some great Rattler shots if I hiked with you :)
  9. I go on solo hikes for days at a time. So I cover quite a bit of distance. I usually get in two long hikes a year at least.
  10. Wow ! That sounds epic ! Solo too !
    I'd love to be well trained enough (both physically, and mentally) and have the time and $ required to do such a hike.
    BTW trippers, where is your flag (are you) from ? Might be coincidental that your sig has a quote from the late, great John Muir, and I live next to, and will be hiking, the Muir woods named after him :) Actually my last hike was just slightly North of the Muir woods.....
    Solo is the only way I go now. I see so much more wildlife.
    I am from Canada, but that flag is a Palestinian flag. 
    John Muir was a great man. I have a lot of respect for him.
    Personally, I find spending a week in the backcountry, cheaper than staying at home for a week.  :smoke:
  12. I have hiked all the trails on Katahdin(5,269') in Maine and hiked Washington(6,289') in New Hampshire depending on your route around10-12 miles rt. I have also done a 15 mile hike up a 4,200'+ mountain in snowshoes in the winter and the road to get to it wasn't plowed so we had to xc ski a ways in to get to it. I have also done Precipice trail in acadia national park a few times and about 1,200' but straight up a cliff using iron rungs. And many many more
  13. Here are some of my pics. check them out! you should come hiking in Maine 
      234.JPG 235.JPG 163.JPG 476.JPG 475.JPG 492.JPG 548.JPG 238.JPG 260.JPG 239.JPG 129.JPG 097.JPG
  14. Oh YEAH? Well I hiked k2, doing the lindy hop the whole way!  :laughing:
      Seriously though, id love to visit the places you hike.  We have very similar places here in california, like around the bishop area, in the sierra nevadas.  You'd love it.
  15. I hiked a small chunk of the North country trail. I paced myself at about 15 miles a day over a 4 day adventure. Pack weight started at 43lbs.... Packed a bit much. It was my first extended hike by myself so I learned the hard way. I bought lighter gear and plan on doing more of the NCT in spring. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390275529.256720.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390275548.422557.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390275580.222364.jpg
  16. most in one day was 15 miles, with an elevation that changed from 1300-2500m.
    took 8 hours
    Was going to say, 15 miles is pretty beast mode as it is.  Set up camp and crash immediately after dinner.
    Grats OP on the great progress.  
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    So I tried the Stinson Beach to Mt Tamalpais East peak, Monday :)
    First off, I have to say, it was the coolest, hike I've made yet :) Unbelievable scenery... very light crowds.. pretty nice weather...
    So, I'm going to give the bad news (not really that bad :) first..... I only made it 3/4's of the way to the top, but the crappy thing was, I felt freaking great ! I totally had it in me ! No doubt I could finish it.... but calculating my day light left, I had to abort :(
    However, at the point at which I did, it still ended up being my farthest hike by far.... right about 15 miles, with about 2000 ft of elevation gain :)
    So, I set a new personal record, but better yet, I now have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that "I can climb Mt Tamalpais" ! And I will in the next few trips.... Wouldn't want to jinx myself by saying > the very next trip... always a little luck involved. Lots of things need to line up right, to make it happen... like the weather, and of course, my own energy level / health....
    This freaking forum never lets me add pics... so let me post this first (so I don't lose my post) then try to add a few pics after the fact....
    Nope. Won't let me add pics :(
    Oh hey, anyway, in the next week or two, when I finish this climb, it will end up being right at 20 miles, with about 3000ft total elevation gain (Tamalpais is 2560ft)

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