how far from light?

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  1. hi ive gt a 600w hps with ballast,
    its 30 inch above the top ov the plants,
    the plants, are around 4 iches,
    is this too far away or too close?

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  2. looks like their stretching to me... i would say to far. check with the back of your hand under the light...if its to hot for your hand its to hot for the plants
  3. That is too far! I would get it as close as you can until you see leaf curl as that is too hot. I have my 400w literally right on top of the plants, maybe 1 inch away, but then again my lights are cooled and I can touch the glass and it isn't hot. I also have oscillating fans blowing right below the lights.

    You rapidly lose lumens the farther away you are from the light.
  4. thanks for the tips ppl
    toke on
  5. but stretching is always good at first if you keep it far its a seedling it doesnt need mass amouts of lumens to be healthy, at first if you want huge top colas or a gigantic super harvest if you top them.

    but in flower theyre going to be gigantic and smell rank.

    so id bring the light closer lol.

  6. You never want a plant to stretch. If a plant is stretching that means its not receiving the light at needs and is literally stretching to get closer. It is true that the don't need a lot of light right at first but you still want the light as close as possible (w/o burning).

    No need to worry though OP get that light closer and keep those nodes tight and you'll have some dank bud
  7. gt 2 outa 6 left, checked them this morn and they where all floppy and crisp, im absolutely gutted, must have had the light too close !
    the 2 thats left dnt look too healthy
    time to gt more seeds i think ?
    cheers for the tips,
    i will do better!
  8. 1 personal tip I can give you is to start your seeds under flourecents untill they git to maby 5 inches or so. This way you can put them litterally 2 inches away from light. Once they get strong then give them the big lights. Works for me. GL
  9. kl man thanks, gt a florescent light gonna try n save the others if possible

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