How far from home should my plants be?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by theepothead, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I want to grow VERY badly. I smoke a good amount of weed and it is just too much money. Plus i just like growing things. Not many other things satisfy like knowing you created something. Any way, there are two spots I am looking at but one is 20 mins away and the other is about 40 mins away. They both have about 10 mins of a walk too to get to the grow spot. Also I want to find somebody to drop and pick me up so i need to think about a driver and him being able to drive this far. Should I grow this far? How often would i need to go water my plants? Any self watering tips would be great and just overall thoughts. Also this would be my first grow and no I can't grow at home btw. Also the grow Site thats farther will be a little bit safer. More cover bigger area.
  2. it's gonna hard to give your plants enough TLC that far away....

    well, at least in my situation it would be... i'm in Texas, and its' 100+ i iHAVE to water every single day, and even at that, i'm still fighting heat stress like crazy...

    if your in the country, like me, i'd say 2 miles.... i do it guerilla style though, with no neighbors any where near by, and a huge thick forest, it's a hike.
  3. Does anybody else care to give some tips or ignore the whole fuckin thread
  4. Well you have plenty time to think about a spot, about a whole year. Try to do some research before you just post stupid questions. Its already flower season and you still have to prep your spots & start seeds or buy clones look up outdoor pot growing on google or read the stickies don't waste people's time...
  5. I was just asking for a simple opinion man. I think that's the whole point of GC, to get opinions and learn new information. And i haven't been able to find much about how far the farthest a guerilla grow should be. No need to be a dick
  6. The closer to home and water the better. Easier.

    Hippycrac wasn't being very polite about it, but he is right. Unless you are south of the equator, it is a bit late to start anything outdoors.

    Guerrilla grows are such a gamble no matter how much spit you put on the dice. Weather, thieves, cops, many variables. Better to plant late and grow small ones in your yard than to take all the risks involved in guerrilla grows.

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