How far down should your finger go?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by turtle360, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. One way I try to determine if I need to water is by sticking my finger a couple of inches into the soil. I've done it in the past. I notice though that as the grow gets long in the tooth I can only scratch the surface that the soil resists being probed. I'm not experienced with the ways of soil and can't interpret what this suggests about the nature of what's going on in the container.
    My first impression is that the soil probably isn't dry yet although after 4-5 days it should be.
    My next guess is that there's a system of root hairs near the surface and that's what puts up resistance (should root hairs be that close to the surface?). There are root hairs there. They come to the surface when I finger about.
    The third thing I wonder is if the soil just got too compact from being over watered for some spell.
    Can any of you out there familiar with soil qualities interpret please?

  2. I just lift the pot and judge by weight. Has the soil shrunk and pulled away from the sides? Also another way is if the leaves aren't wilting it's ok( only advisable if you can check your plants daily).
    Root's tend to fill the pot top to bottom if everything is going well.
  3. I've had fantastic leaf problems. Let's not even go there. I want to avoid a recurrence and am examining the situation. This post is trying to the soil. I know about lifting the pot. I have lettuce growing in a container with the same soil but without added perlite. I would think the perlite would make the medium more porous. I can stick my finger deep into the lettuce pot. My weed pot I can not.
    Question is, and it is in the subject line of the thread: what happens when you stick your little finger in the pot?
  4. The lettuce is the one with the same soil but no perlite.

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