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How far do you go with CBD before you try using THC as well?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by harpoon71, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone.

    There are hundreds of CBD products out there and they start at weak dosages for not a lot of money all the way up to 98% CBD for hundreds of dollars.

    When someone is advised to try CBD to treat an ailment how much money or how long do they spend trying it before being advised to go for the 'entourage' effect of taking THC as well.

    I can't find information that clearly says what THC will do, but I've read that taking the whole plant as a medicine is much better.

    Any thoughts from people who have tried CBD products and have moved on.
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  2. CBD makes me pleasantly manic, but unable to sleep well at the small dosages I've tried. I haven't tried trace amounts, but they work well for some people that I know. My opinion is that THC is much healthier for me than CBD. I avoid strains with more than about 1% CBD. I'll be trying some Barney's Farm autofem indica strains in a few weeks that have 1-2 % cbd, but I'm worried.
  3. CBD actually needs a tiny amount of THC to bind to our cannabinoid receptors. If you're looking for a CBD product to alleviate pain, I would go with a 20:1 tincture and try that, then move to phoenix tears or Rick Simpson Oil if your pain is severe. You might not notice any different at first but after a week or so the pain relieving effects of the cbd will begin to show :)
  4. Thanks for the info. Interesting stuff. I have to read up a lot more on the relationship between CBD and THC.

    I followed your username, stalked you, and saw your website. Very nice, some quality gear, makes me want to move to Canada. My Mum is Canadian and I have been there many times, love the place. At the moment I'm stuck in Shitsville UK.
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  5. Canada has definitely developed a strong cannabis game over the years ;) It's becoming a haven for medicinal cannabis use as almost any ailment you need help with a doctor will sign off on. The UK is a little behind on their marijuana laws but at least the government supports CBD use!
  6. the basics.......THC is an agonist molecule @ the cb1 cannabinoid receptor ( cb1)
    CBD is an antagonist molecule @ the cb2 receptor

    what this means is that thc as an agonist agent opens receptor signalling in a way called retrograde signalling that allows homeostasis regulating information to travel in multiple directions simultaneously.

    cbd as an antagonist compound sits on top of the cb2 receptor and augments/modulates through signalling via it's antagonist capabilities...

    it has been proven that cbd while acting on cb2 receptor will slow the rate of thc signalling @ the cb1 receptor or stall/prolong thc effects! they work synergistic of one another to regulate the endocannabinoid system
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  7. I am torn over using CBD oil every day. It is very expensive, and I have not noticed beneficial effects after months of taking it. I heard that it helps to get pure CBD oil which is probably expensive or hard to get, but my stuff has some olive oil mixed with it, kind of spicy. I do highly recommend CBD strains like Pennywise, harlequin etc
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  8. Get a strain with cbd and thc just make sure it's higher in cbd. I started the same way with rub and tinctures then went to strains like harliquin,shark shock, canna-tonic and AC/DC. It's been 2 years since I started smoking daily. I feel the best results are strains that contain cbd and thc with thc levels being between 10 and 20%.
  9. ive made it about 6 months. i quit pain killers about a year ago hemp derived cbd really not much help. i just started growing my own hopefully ill have a decent harvest to start micro dosing
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  10. hopefully i will figure out how to get diffrent strains im growing seeds that were given to me. so far plant seems indica. unfortunately this is all i know thats why im researching micro dosing. pisses me off that i cant just go to a professional instead of being a criminal just to get some relief. if i wanted to be stoned i would have stayed on the pain killers feds need to leave cannabis alone and freaking worry about what the constitution gives them power over. sorry for the rant
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  11. It's all about $$$ when your state decides to start taxing it you'll get your wish with a big price tag on it. Make sure to Vote next election if you want the government to hand control over to you is my only advice. If it weren't about $$$ they would of just decriminalized it. Free will to do what you want with your own life one might say lol but that is all disapearing
  12. true i vote i call polititians from lowest to highest. i never realized im a true liberal-we all have GOD given rights and as long as they dont step on the rights of others we should be free. we fought wars over less than we now tolerate
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  13. ☝️Thinking like a real American
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