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How far do you go to get every last bit of THC?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokinsince2012, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I'm talking about things like smoking resin, scraping grinders, or how careful you are about transporting weed. Post some of your stories in the comments. :smoke:

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  2. Load bowl smoke it tap it out.
  3. ive scrapped resin in the past, and wont put myself above the fact that will prolly do it again, but i don't do it regularly...

    but with grinders i use it till its just fuckin' covered and sticky and do a iso run and make hash, but i think thats smart instead of a "fiendish" act since you paid for the weed, some of that you paid for is still there, get it out...

    and i don't really transport it, i buy it and bring it straight home, but on that ride, it just rides in my pocket
  4. I always hold my lighter as far as possible from the weed so I don't scorch off too much THC and I try to keep a bowl cherried so as to not repeatedly burn it.  I cover the bowl though if I can't hit it right away so it doesn't smoke into the sky.  Also save vaped weed for later use.
  5. i go as far as to dump every "finished" bowl into a special scrap bowl. maybe once a month ill hit a dry day and if i run out of resin after iso cleaning pieces ill smoke the scrap bowl contents through a bong.

    burn up the ash/resin mix til its pure white ash. still gets me high.
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    Smoke the bag.
    I'm kidding, don't smoke the bag. WTF
    I only smoked bowls, take a hit, cover it, clear it until its out. No wasted weed that way. I saved joints for special occasions, and spliffs for those super special occasions. All roaches were saved and smoked in the bowl later on. Christ.. I used to be so good at rolling years ago lol.
    I tried smoking resin once... I was cleaning out the bowl and had my White Zombie cassette used to collect the rez.. yeah way stickier than I thought. The tape case was ruined, I got the shit all over my hands, arms.. fuck.. probably had some on my face too. Then the concern wasn't getting resin to smoke, it was washing all that shit off before my parents got home.
  7. This!! I've been hovering the flame above my bowls for years now and not only does the hit taste better, it makes the smoke less harsh and like you said, you preserve some of the thc instead of destroying it.

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  8. damn dude i need to try that sometime...

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  9. Absolutely nothing. When the bowl is cashed i dump the remains in the garbage. I clean my pipe weekly to make sure it doesnt start tasting horrible, putting the resin in the garbage with the rest of the trash. If i get tired of smoking and the bowl isnt cashed i dump it because i dont want to come back later and smoke a half burnt bowl.
    I do both these things, I use the vaped weed for making edibles. And I never let a green crumb go to waste! I generally do my best not to be wasteful of anything, but especially not weed :smoke:
    Not a fan of smoking resin though.
  11. I don't really consider this going far, but I have a great method that I do and it gets all the thc. I just save my stems, and grind my bud in my grinder. You'd usually think the thc and other weed stuck in the grinder is lost but it isn't. When I have a good amount of shake/stems and a caked grinder, I use it all for iso oil. I do one run with the shake and stems, and another run by filling a cup enough to cover individual grinder pieces, and I use all my kief and all the stuff the iso washes off the grinder. The grinder run gets me 1-4 dabs of shatter. The stem and shake and kief run usually gets me like 10 dabs

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  12. I don't need to.z I have an abundance of weed and access to dispensaries, if I'm out of bud I buy more

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  13. I went out to my burning pit and burned 3 pizza boxes and a FULL 5 gallon bucket of leaves from the grow room today.
    Dont want that shit sitting around.
  14. Smoke it all except stems. I save em though for tea, also I scrape resin when I'm desperate. Hell if I drink 4 beers and smoke a resin bowl it's a decent high. My grinder I just use the kief I can get first try, I don't go crazy tryin to get every last bit out of it lol it ain't crack
  15. I recently quit my job at this warehouse that I worked at for over an year. I'm in school now full time, and first semester at a community college. Currently looking for a part time job. Anyways I don't have much money at the moment so I try and preserve a lot of my stash. I vape all my bud in my magic flight launch box (MFLB) and with the already vaped bud (AVB) I stash away in this UV stash jar. Make edibles and everything with the AVB. Also I vape the kief I have accumulated over a period of time :) ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392465491.026001.jpg

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    Vaporize at two different temps per load to drag out the various THC evaporation points, use ABV for edibles, use stems for tea, scrape resin off my vape for honey, get kief out my grinder to make hash.
    I go native American as fuck on that plant.
  17. i use a spoon to load weed into my bowl and not my fingers, i just dont like how so much kief would stick to my fingers and not get in the bowl
  18. do you extract from your trim first? seems like a needless waste of good oil/edibles
  19. I hit a bowl once and ash it. Pack a fresh one. So relatively nothing.

    I make my own bho from all my trim and shake that test around 70-90% thc. So i guess I get almost all the thc you can.
  20. When you have 50 gal totes full your really not to worried about a few buckets worth. I do the same thing post harvest party. Get the whole block high.

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