how far do t5's penetrate?

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  1. ive been reading up on grass city alot lately and i keep reading how different hps wattages have different levels on penetration... how does the penetration level of some of the new wave t5 systems compare? :confused:
  2. thanks osh... anyone have experience with new wave t5s in particular?
  3. I would search the forums for a thread by CFLWEASEL he has done some calculations on lights/lumens/power and such that you may find worth reading. I bet if you search NERD on google this guys/gals pictures would show up... :p
  4. I use and like T 5's. I use them in a closet that I use for vegging. As for depth of penetration, I can tell you that I have some plants that are 21-24" tall that are like shrubs. The bottom of the plant is as dense as the top. I would say in my experience that they have penetrated at least 20". They are kept within 2-3" of the tops however, which helps the penetration. That is one of the advantages of the T 5's, you can set them nearly on top of the plant. They will burn the leaves if the leaves start to touch the bulbs.

    The other thing I should mention is that you need to keep the tops all at the same height. If you put a smaller plant or clone in with some bigger plants, the smaller ones will stretch unless you build them up to get within 2-3" of the light. I usually will just set a smaller plant on an upside down pot or bucket to raise it to the right height. I have to do this frequently to keep a perpetual harvest going. Hope this helps shed some LIGHT on your question..........Peace
  5. that does help alot bro i appreciate it... have you used them for flowering too? or anyone else for that matter
  6. I used them to flower two separate crops in my closet while I was building my grow room, and they definitely did the trick. However, when my room was finished and outfitted with a 1000w HID, I now use the closet only to veg up my clones before they are moved to the HPS light for flowering.

    I have my T 5 set up with 4 cool bulbs and 4 warm bulbs alternately to have a full spectrum.You can take a crop all the way to harvest under T 5's, but in my experience, the buds finish out a lot denser under HID. If you have a small space that is hard to ventilate, T 5's are a good way to go. They do generate some heat, but not near as much as HID lighting. My 4' x 8 light system has switches to shut off 4 of the lights if you want to tone down the amount of light for seedlings and such. That's all for now, hope this info helps.

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