how far do i put a 600 watt hps away from 4 plants in a closet grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by droblowa504, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I have mine about three feet away and they are not stretching at all, I feel I can even go closer but I can't argue with how my plants are doing. How old are your girls??
  2. only one is a for shore girl they bout to weeks about the girl is ch9 green bud the other 3 hopefully potiental girls are mazar i shairff from afganstain.... i got mine like a foot away maybe but i got aqua globes in em and check repeatlly dude they babies but under the first leaves they already got thick white fury hair for just babies and there leaves are covered with crystals i would go take a pic but the hps make ya camera fone have weird lines!! but my first failed grow didnt look like that has babies thats was the strain called endless sky the first try but ya what you the father of hahaha
  3. two feet from seedlings, and as close as 12-16 inches on mature plants. also if the light is in an air cooled reflector, it will allow it to be closer.
  4. Exactly, if its aircooled, you can be as close as 8 in as i have been. If its not, then you will need to go 2 ft or more.
  5. how hot is your closet?
  6. Get the light as close as the temps will allow. Check temps under the light at plant-top height. And ditch those aqua globes, no good for MJ.
  7. thanks people it does have a reflector and i have two fans blowing on four plants but its not a strong air flow but anyway ya i drop it to about 8" from the tops its not really hot more like a cozy feeling for them lil babies....thanks again

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