How far can you go?

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Average length of SOBER sex for guys.

  1. 45 minutes

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  2. 1 hour

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  3. 2 hours +

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  4. two pump chump

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  1. lets talk about sex

    + How many partners at one time? or night?
    + Whats your fetish?
    + Whats your favorite position?
    + Sex life in general!

    I want to see if any sex masters are amongst us. The question is only applied when SOBER. Keep in mind honesty is the best policy.

    Lets just have a general disscussion about SEX!
  2. i wish!!!! the hubs is a pump chump damnit! things are just starting and kapoot, done.i just don\'t get it. he says it me, i just turn him on so much.....but lol i think he\'s just sayin that[​IMG]!
  3. awww, maybe you really do over attract him. Which is a good thing. Try and tell him to just settle down and when he has the urge to cum, have him pull out. Have him calm down, and start right back up.

    Also, try in having him think of other things. Not other women or off the topic of you. Like, have him think of what he has to do for today.

    Another thing is, try to be so loud! That gets guys thinking OHH, Im making her feel this way uggghghhh ohhhhhh god ohhhhh shit ohhhhhhh DAMNIT! lol.

    I think. My g/f wonders if im the only male that can do this. I can last whatever you want me to last, but average im around hour plus since she dosnt like it all that long most of the time. Need to rest from getting rug burn and having to let your body get some liquids back in it.

    It dosnt matter how long for me since I can cum like 99 times in one day and still get a full flung erected sensitive hard on. I can cum and like 5 secs later clean up and go again. The funny part is that im nearly being overexaggerated (spell that right?). All this is from my g/f.

    Also, I have lots of trouble to cum from head. Most of my friends tell me I just luck out in finding the unskillfull. Who knows...

    I can cum and get it where my body dosnt think I came. Then start up again and cum out nothing. My own version of birthcontrol!! Im a weirdo. Im only 19.
  4. hahaha, well, i can be loud. maybe i should wear a mask or something lol and put on a few pounds for some action lol! it just makes me mad cuz it\'s sooooo goooood but only lasts for a few minutes. 5-10 tops. foreplay not included. it\'s just frustrating!!!!!!!
  5. daisy, i think your right about the line \"you turn me on soooo much\" i think they just say that to justify the few minutes of pleasure they cannot controll..... THAT is why i personally make foreplay \"my time\", however long it takes :D.i cannot get off in just a few minutes, then i get the line \"well if we didnt just mess around for two hours, then maybe i could last longer\".lol..... i know better
  6. aaahhh yes, foreplay! geez..... it \'s all i got! but is fun too[​IMG]!
  7. My boyfriend can sometimes be a pump chump....the most he\'s ever lasted was half an hour.

    But, he can also do it twice in an hour. Not many guys can be ready again that quickly. There have been a few times that he got off 3 times in two hours.
  8. omg, Im a freak. Shit. I feel kind of mutant. I went out to luch with my g/f and we were laughing how I can do what I do. I know there has to be a guy like me, cmon!
  9. yea...theres guys like you :D
  10. i only told you about my husband :D
  11. Damn.........I need to find one of these \"freaks\" as you all call it. I don\'t think we have any men that can last a considerable amt of time around here. But like it has been mentioned before..........foreplay is indeed the key to my sexual gratification. But sometimes I feel like a freak because I absolutely detest oral sex performed on me. It just makes me feel nasty for some unknown reason. But I don\'t mind giving it...........not even to my female friends. I guess that is one of those wierd things about me!!!!!!!

  12. LMAO!!! hehehehe[​IMG] only the hubs lol!
  13. WOW, illicid!

    Yeah, that\'s about all I have to say. ;)

    Hey girls...foreplay is great and all and I love it as much as anyone but don\'t you just like to get down to it and go at it without all that playing around sometimes?
  14. If you cum too soon just wear a thick ass works...

  15. yep :D

    an maybe in my case \"foreplay\" aint quiiiite the right
  16. Well here is a subject that I can definately help the women out in...

    No forplay first... I can last till you get tired or I get tired.. Most of the time at least an hour with a couple slow downs in there.. I also like to have the woman orgasm at least twice before I do.. Sometimes if it\'s late at night and the kids are asleep.... I like to stretch it out further...

    With foreplay... At least 2 hours.. I don\'t even want to be touched till the woman screems at least twice..

    Now... What about the return of favors.... I also want to be pleased as good as i pleased.. That means anything goes and cums..

    I luv sex!!!!!!
  17. guess what my fetish is?

    im not going to tell you

    A hint: it will only make me more god like in bed ladies. I mean, I love doing this!!! My g/f just keeps saying \"wow, I love you\" in the background. funny.

  18. excatly why it can be so frustratin!!!!!

    2 hours! bud head gets bed head! aaaahhh i wish! 2 hours of sex! i haven\'t had that in idk how long! what if i fed the hubs some viagra. lol. he\'d last longer wouldn\'t he?
  19. you are not the only \"mutan\" .. ;P

    sex is good, so .....

    why stop ?..
  20. ya daisy i think if you could manage the viagra thing he\'d be \"up\" for quite a while.....

    we want more.... mutiants!!! :D

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