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How far can the smell be smelt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobby82, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Lets sayyyy I'm in my car smokin some dank outta my lil piece in a parking lot, and i blow the smoke out of the window. Now you're just walkin along about 50-100ft away from me. Will you smell it? And lets throw in that the wind is blowin towards you. I just started back blazin so im in that pussy paranoid state again. Thanks blades
  2. Well which direction is the wind blowing and which direction are the people walking along?

    A piece is a more discreet way then blunt/joint.

  3. maybe a lil but honestly if u were walkin and smelled that little of bud theres no way ud recognize it as weed unless ur a stoner urself.. most people need a strong wiff of it to know. also they wouldnt walk 100ft to check if ur smokin... theres no way theyd know where exactly it was comin from too.
  4. someone 100ft away can probably smell it..
  5. They shouldn't, weed usually dissolves into the open air pretty quickly, atleast it seems so.
  6. Well even if they smell it, they're not gonna be like 'oh that fool in the car is smokin weed let's call the pigs'. It could be coming from anywhere, and if they can't see you then it's chill. Keep yo shit on the dl, be less worried about the scent and more about staying out of sight.
  7. depends on how stanky the stank is

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