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how far aprt should i space them?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by letsmokeasweet, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. basicly i saved all my seeds from the last 3 or 4 months and i planted a bunch of them last friday and this is what i got....
  2. Did you forget to post a pic or something? You said, "this is what I got", but you never illustrated what you got.
  3. sorry i 4got to put the pics but but here they are. im going to pick out the weaker looking ones in a couple of days from now but i wasnt sure how far apart to do it.

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  4. You planted them awfully close together. They're growing in bunches. I can't say for sure that that's bad outdoors, but if you can't plant two sprouts in the same pot or cup because that puts them too close together, I would think you shouldn't plant them that close together outside either. Just my opinion here. I think the roots will get tangled up and choke each other.
  5. please dont listen to that guy above. it looks great. the only thing i would be concered about is when they get taller sun light may not hit evenly so you might want to tie down or trim but you will figure that out as time goes on. grow on man
  6. First of all, you don't need to be rude. That's not the vibe for GC. So if that's what you're bringing here, I don't see you lasting long. Secondly, I've grown gardens. My family comes from farmers and coal miners. My house is surrounded by fields of beans, corn, and milo. It is a general rule in gardening and farming to space your seeds apart some. Op has a couple of pictures up there that look to me like they're growing all bunched up together. Yes, in a couple of his other pics he has some plants spaced out. Those look fine to me.

    I'm no professional cannabis grower, never claimed to be. However, I took what I have learned about growing indoors, and applied it to what I saw in two of those pictures. You cannot plant more than one sprout in a cup or pot because the roots will tangle and kill the plants.

    If what I said doesn't apply to growing cannabis outdoors, please, tell me why I'm wrong. All of us come to these boards to learn or to help, but no one wants to learn from a prick. :cool:
  7. My take is it depends on the space you have to work with. Average plants can get 4-5ft wide or more, with them starting out that close together you can't expect to get the optimum yield/plant.
    But will you get a bigger yield/sqft if you jam them in together like that? Don't know, but I think even what you have now is too close.

    Do you have lots of room to spread them out? If so then why not?

    The reason a garden needs to be weeded is not because weeds hurt the good plants, it's because they complete with each other for available water/space/light/nutrients. So why make your mj compete (even if it's only other MJ), you want it to be as happy as you can possibly get it to get the best yield and quality.
  8. well i only have about 4 three foot long rolls. i completly agree with you about the competing with each other part. this is my first real outside gro. so im not trying to get to advance. they are getting more bigger already. i been busy all week with work so hopefully later on i will go outside an
  9. you are an idiot sir...
  10. Seriously OP? Who in their right mind would plant them that close together??

    Use some common sense.

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