how far apart should I plant males from females?

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  1. well I was just thinking, I'm going to buy 10 fem violator kush ( anybody have good reviews with vk?) from attitude and when you spend 2 cents or more out get 5 Thai skunk seeds for free, then £30 or more and get 1 free fem Giga bud and £60 or more and get 1 Fem PPP for free. So I'll be getting 12 FEMA and 5 males, I want to make 3 grow spots, 2 for gems and 1 for males. Buttttttt how far away should the horny males be so they won't pollenate my babies? I just plan on growing the males to make some hash.
  2. dont even plant the males

  3. I was thinking of that but I don't want to have to use my lovely ladies for hash, so I figured why not use the males.....
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    First, plant females upwind from males. Lastly, plant in between large objects. Distance wise or perhaps the opposite side of buildings should be good.
  5. Yeah, the males have no smoking use. Just good for reproduction. Also,

    You dont know for sure that you are going to get males, some of them may be, but some of them could also be females. Use the banana peel method to increase your ratio.
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    Pollen blows hundreds of miles across the mediterranean from the MJ fields of Morocco to Spain. The Spanish track the pollen clouds with radar, and issue warnings for hay fever sufferers.

    But by the time it arrives here it appears to be no longer viable. Us growers have no problem with it, just the poor bastards with hay fever !!!
  7. Don't plant any males. My plants are all lesbians. lol
  8. I'm still gong to plant the males, but on the complete other side of town
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    Until Auguts, you won't know which are males and females. Unless you catch them with a jeweller's magnifying glass during preflower (June). Males need about 10 days to form and open their pollen sacks. This occurs around mid-July, 2,3 weeks before the female budding in August. So it's not that much of a problem if you look carefully. It can ruin your harvest if left open for a few days.

  10. Well I'm buying all the female seeds but then the 5 free Thai skunk seeds might be males. I'm going to try the banana trick and hopefully most will be females, if I find that there is any males, their dead.
  11. Yes, it's fine to plant them together. Just make sure you mark the ones that are non femmed keep an eye on all plants in general). The banana trick can't do any harm. It will be a good survey on all GC to see if it works. I'll be running some non femmed with the femmed but I should be able to take out any males in time (no stress). Watch for hermies too which can happen as late as October (saw it with my own eyes lol).

  12. Thanks man, I swear to god, you like own the entire outdoor forum, every thread I look at you've already posted like 6 posts on it. I can tell you know your stuff. Good job. Haha
  13. No no not at all! Did you take a look at OldPork's or Dankohzee's 2008 grows? I still have weed from my 2008 grow but nothing comparable. Haha! I just try to help out people with my theories and couple grows' experience. Thanks to my GC gardener pals, I hope to grow an unprecedented stash for me for 2009! Good luck to you too man! Share the knowledge. Peace!

  14. Haha yea, I've peeked at oldporks and danks grows, their insane
  15. Totally insane!

  16. Haha because of you, OldPork and Dank, I'm like addicted to this site, I'm a somewhat oldschool grower ( 4 indoor, 2 outdoor) but newer to GC. Like I learn more and more shit that I never knew.

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