How exactly do you show confidence?

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  1. I see everybody on here saying confidence is the key to getting girls, but how exactly to you have confidence? Are you guys saying you just gotta go up to a girl and be like yo without fearing rejection or something?
  2. Smack her in the FUCKING face and instruct her to suck your fucking DICK.

    That is some confidence.

    all my posts will be like this today due to me overdosing on thc currently
  3. it's not so much about what you do, but how you do it. imagine two different realities where the same guy approaches the same girl and says the same thing, but in one reality he gets rejected and the other he fucks her. why would that happen if it was the same guy and he said the same thing? because of the way he carries himself. in one reality the dude walks over with his head up, he isn't afraid of making eye contact with the girl, before he even approaches he assumes things will go well, later he fucks her. in the other reality the guy might not hold his head as high, he might not be as comfortable making eye contact with her, in his mind before he approaches he doubts his odds of success, he gets shot down there and then.

    try and imagine yourself being entitled to things, just because they are there. yes this will kind of make you and ass hole, no this isn't necessary for confidence, but it may help you fake it, or figure out how to show it.
  4. You just don't give a fuck.
  5. Look at animals, say lions.

    Dominant alpha lion HAS confidence.

    You can't fake it either. You have it or you dont. It can be learned, but not easy.
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    Stand up straight with good posture, make eye contact, and speak clearly-don't mumble.

  7. So I have to be high? :confused:
  8. by being you, man.
  9. [quote name='"Anthony777"']

    So I have to be high? :confused:[/quote]

    Hahah, oops. Edited

  10. Haha, there ya go. :smoke:

  11. Don't doubt yourself. That's the key. A confident person is someone who is aware that failure is an option but simply doesn't care.

  12. :smoke:
    This dude's awesome.^ I can hear your voice in my head, giving me encouraging gestures haha
  13. shoulders back, chin up, chest out. (dont over-exagerate any of these tips)

    the body and mind will naturally align themselves... youll notice naturally confident people will display these qualities.. their mind came first. You can make your body express confidence first and your mind will follow the body's example.

    its a lie we have fallen under that you must be confident in order to act/seem confident.
  14. [quote name='"JamestheFreak"']You just don't give a fuck.[/quote]

    I really dislike all of this dudes posts except this one. This is how you have confidence. You don't give a fuck, stop being a bitch, and talk to girls like they're people and not fuck organisms haha
  15. Well see, for me it's not just girls, but anybody.
  16. Eye contact is really all you need, if you can just start a conversation... just start talking to a girl, and you have direct eye contact the entire time you talk to her, it is a display of confidence. In fact, that goes with anyone. If you can maintain eye contact, that it a huge step in the right direction. How many people do you know that can display eye contact through an entire conversation without looking away? Certainly not very many, because not very many people are confident enough to do it, or you just haven't noticed because you always look away.

    It's a real crowd pleaser, they say the eyes are the window to the soul, you can really tell a lot about someone just from eye contact. Just don't mean mug or stare anyone down, and know who your superiors are... don't try to force yourself into a leadership role by doing this. It's more powerful than you think.

  17. Think of it like this. All the people you've seen today. Are there any that stand out? Do any of them really make a difference in your day? Do you even remember most of them?

    Thats how I think of it. Little hellos and conversations come in the millionsss. No one cares about your big first impression, they just want someone to make THEM feel comfortable, like your looking for from them

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