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How exactly do I get a medical marijuana card (California)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by plsfoldthx, May 17, 2011.

  1. Ok, before you flame me, I typed in "how to get a california medical marijuana card" in google and I could not get any step by step answers on how to do it. I have a recommendation at the moment, but not an actual card. Can anyone link me to a website that shows me how?

    Is it a difficult process to get an actual card? Does my medical marijuana recommendation letter suffice to upgrade to an actual card or do I need more thorough medical records?
  2. Most counties have their own cards, usually available at the Sheriff office. there's also a state card,people I know that have em got em in Sacramento.:smoke:
  3. Thanks Storm Crow,

    Is there a difference between a "county card" and a State card? Or are they the same thing?
  4. ooooo this is very interesting, i was curious if anyone knew if it would be possible to say get a card in cali if you dont live there? and if this is possible is there a way to get it to transfer to another state? say AZ?

  5. They are the same thing. You get it from your County Department of Health.

    No. And please do not derail threads by asking off topic questions.
  6. My friend has an actual card much like a ID that the college prints out for you. It's plastic and has his pic on it. I have a paper with a embossed seal and the Dr's info along with my Drivers license photocopied on to it. I would prefer the plastic card because I do not want to mess up my paper one. I decided to stay local for my rec perhaps next year I'll go to Oakland like he did and get a nice card like that. I'm guessing the only reason is the difference in money at the offices. Local office I'm sure does not have nearly the money and business of a Oakland Office.
    I know here I could get the state card by going to my local county office and filling out the paper work and paying them 180 bucks. I dont think I will unless I start to get hassled.

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