How efficient are lower wattage HPS lights????

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by keemo87, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I have recently found a 70w hps light with the fixture and i guess the ballast is inclouded since its an outdoor light that's plug and play. How good will this be to bud??? I would go out and get a 400w HPS if i had the room 4 it, but that's not happening. Has anybody ever used lower wattage HPS lights with succes???
    The same question about the 150w hps???
    Maybe if the possitioning was better???

    room is 2'x2' and i have about 5' to work with going up
  2. well i have a 250w mh/hps light and it works great. what i mean by mh/hps is that i can use eather mh or hps at one time. but im growing hydro. its just faster!!!! its just too easy!!!!:hello: i only payed $110 for all the lighting parts. i spend the money it i was you. but keep the 70w light you can use it closer to the plants then you can the 250w. happy growing hoped i helped you out

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