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How effective are gravity bongs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 1b3h1gh, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Okay once school starts I'm gonna be a bit down so i'm going to have one last high the weekend after school starts, and I wanna get messed up as much as possible. I already have a pretty good joint rolled that will get me a pretty good high, but will the gravity bong really mess you THAT much more than a joint? Because I don't want to risk losing weed with the G bong but I want to get super high because it's my last high for another month or so.
  2. I can tell you right now that a gravity bong will definitely fuck you up far more than a joint. Gravity bongs milk up so dense whereas joints lose smoke as it burns.

    Gravity bong all the way.
  3. [/thread] <---
  4. super effective.
  5. OP used Gravity Bong

    It is Super Effective!
  6. a gravity bong is, for the most part, always a solid idea.
  7. Yes super effective against Bigninjafoo
  8. It will wreck the shit AND piss out of you
  9. This thread makes me want to try a gravity bong ahahaha
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    Me and my friend once made a homemade gravity bong and hotboxed my tiny 2x2m bathroom (crappy student apartment I lived in last year), and it was awesome! And it's very effective! Video very related:

  11. If you just started toking then It will knock you on your ass.
  12. This one dude that I knew ( he's a bitch so it could of just been him ) threw up real fat off a grav bong haha
  13. its a good way to save your green. uses less to get you high. made with common household items. would rather take GB hits than somking out of paper with the joint.
  14. oh they are very effective, and for noobs they can be TOO effective. Be careful if you try one, don't under estimate the power of the force. (of gravity, that is)
  15. It all depends. I find that 2 pulls out of a Gatorade bottle grav gets me to the perfect level.

    But I had my girl try one (she had only been smoking a couple weeks) and she was questioning her own existence for hours. I miss being able to get to that level.

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  16. Nah 12 years on a gb. Still happens. Cigerettes don't help. Get coughing and flem starts building up on the gagger. Then :sick::notworthy::roflmao:
  17. Smoke like 0.3g in one gravity bong and you'll be very stoned unless you've got a high tolerance

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  19. Fuck this broken ass shit lmao

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