How effective are glass pipes (bowls/spoons) for smoking?

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  1. Do they get you just as high?
    Are they healthier? (compared to..?)
    Are they better for asthmatics?
    What's your general opinion on them?

    I actually posted something similar to this before, but didn't really get the answers I was looking for.
  2. I have a spoon and I love it. It gets me stoned as fuck and it would be much better than a bong for asthmatics. Although a vaporizer would be your best option if you were asthmatic.
  3. -They get you stoned just fine
    -They are probably less carcinogenic than joints due to paper, definitely less so than blunts. But water-pipes and vaporizers are much more effective at removing them.
    -A vaporizer or small water pipe would be better for asthematics i suppose
    -They are fine, effective, simple, can range from inexpensive to super expensive.

    baseline -> optimal entry level toking tool
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    I concur with that statement
  5. blunts / papaers you get 27% of your product
    Dry pipes $35%
    Water pipes 78%
    Vaporizers / Carbonite 98%

  6. You generally pay for what you get, I know people are really cheap and ONLY smoke blunts for $1 a pop, but after the year they probably spent around $150-300 in blunts depending on how much they smoke... That alone is a pipe that could have used LESS trees , got you MORE baked , and healthier for you.

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