How easy is it to grow???

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  1. I've been reading many threads and stickys and have learned everything I need to start growing. But none mentioned how hard is it to grow decent bud on a scale of 1-10 sorry about the nub question but in trying to get ready to start growing come November. I will be growing indoor in a grow tent with soil the seeds I'm looking at buying both say easy and beginner but this website makes it sound pretty hard. I'm definitely Going to start growing I was just wondering how hard it will be. Thanks for your time.
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    It's not that hard when you've read up on what to do, like you have. I did the same but it still wasn't before the 3rd grow (I think) I was happy with the results. I learned a lot the first rounds. If you have good genetics (seeds), good soil (my first mistake), check PH, have good nutes and feed regularly, you should be able to grow some decent bud. You might run into some issues along the way, that will effect the yield, and it will def. be a learning process. Just cover the basics and you'll be fine...

    I have a similar setup to what you're going with, and it took me a while before I got it down. Though, I must say I didn't get the right seeds, and ended up witn a almost pure sativa. It wasn't the right strain to start off with. Get a beginner-friendly strain ( easy to grow and forgiving) like NL or something.

    And on a scale from 1 to 10 what's 1 and what's 10? that's all relative...
  3. Like most things in life, it depends ALOT on what you put into it:)

    I've known "newbies" that ended up with "pro" crops, and vice-versa

    Best advice I got about growing " Don't be scared, it's just a weed';)
  4. :wave: I think MJ is very easy to grow, getting lots and lots of homegrown dank is what takes time and effort ;). I had never grown indoors before I found GC, since finding GC my bud just keeps getting better and better each round and Im still learning :smoke:.

    Good luck
  5. I don't think it can be boiled down like that. It's easy for some, hard for others. Some growers stumble backwards into a successful grow, others can't seem to break through.

    To me, the key is gaining a holistic understanding of the plant overall -- learning to grow isn't about memorizing a long list of "do this at week 2" and "never do this" and "always do that", it's about having an overall sense of how the plant works and grows, not just what it's needs are but why those are its needs, seeing the "big picture" of how one thing affects the other.

    To really become a successful MJ grower in the first place is not necessarily easy because, to gain that broad understanding, you have to educate yourself. There are lots of good resources out there, but only you can dedicate yourself to reading and absorbing them.

    Personally I've never bought the idea that MJ grows easily because it's a "weed". It is not a weed, and a "weed" is a concept we humans impose on plants but has nothing to do with the plant's themselves. A weed is simply any plant growing where we don't want it to. All those plants we think of as weeds have nothing else in common, other than being plants -- they are from different branches of the evolutionary tree, they grow differently and procreate differently and so on. Being a weed doesn't mean a plant will thrive under a wide variety of conditions, it means it's a dandelion in the middle of what we want to be a nice expanse of grass.

    MJ is a plant, it has its own particular needs, and by understanding that broadly you will become the best grower you can.
  6. QFT, I'm a gardener, I have a pretty good idea about growing stuff anyway and yes, you do need to know how plants tick to achieve decent results. It would be no good if I planted my tomatoes and just left them to it, I'd have no toms...same with 'erb I IS weed, not A weed if that makes sense...we want it, we cultivate it, therefore we need to know how to help it.

    That said, as long as you read up a bit, you should be well on the way to some nice homegrown dank. My first grow was a learning curve, I'm on grows 3 and 4 and it's still a learning curve...dont be discouraged by complicated sounding posts you read here, crack on. The people here at GC are brilliant at helping, just dont ask them to grow it for ya;)

    GL with it dude, hope it all grows well for ya :smoke:
  7. Makes perfect sense.

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