How easy is it to grow in a public forest?

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  1. I live in a city and wanna grow a plant or 2 in the surrounding moutains... If I walk way in to where it looks really deserted and all how safe will i be? And even if someone finds the plant they will just kill it right? I mean they arent going to sit around and wait for me to stop by are they?
  2. Hey StoneWallKid -

    To be able to answer that question more info is needed..... Like is the area you want to grow a state or national park or is it land that is privately owned? What state or area are you talking about?? (Because places like Colorado & Utah have lots of people who recreate outdoors in the forests where in Maine most people recreate on the lakes & ocean -- So there is a big difference with the number of people who might find your grow spot.

    Anyway -

    The only way you are going to know for sure is to go out and find the spot you want to grow and do some research. First check it out on Google Earth to see how close it is to dirt roads, hiking trails, other things that will bring people close to your grow spot. Then watch your spot for a while and see if it will be a viable grow spot. (enough sunlight, water, etc) Only you can decide! Most important thing to remember is tell NO ONE where you are growing!! (Not even your best friend!!)
    You will still have a chance that some one will find it…. This summer I had one of my grow spots found. I lost 14 plants. (about 100 oz or so) My guess is that someone found the spot earlier in the summer while out in the woods and remembered to come back to chop my plants before I chopped them. (Even though they were not quite ready for harvest and the bud they took will only be average not great!) This sucks because I did all the work to water, feed, and care for them and they got all the bud!) This is also the reason that you don't put all you eggs in one basket or all your plants at one grow site! So even though I lost 14 plants at one grow site - I still have 37 plants spread out at 5 other grow sites.

    So good luck to you!

    Kisses -
  3. Wow thanks alot... there was alot of good common sense info in there that i hadnt thought of yet... I dont wanna sell so i just need enough plants to get me through my next grow or whatnot... anyway +rep

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