How easy is it to find bud in Hawaii

Discussion in 'General' started by married2mj, May 26, 2009.

  1. So me and my friend are about to finalize a trip to Hawaii this summer and I figure I should smoke some really good Hawaiian nugget while i'm at it (duh). What are some tricks to finding good tree in hawaii as quick as possible because I want to smoke the whole 7 day trip :D
  2. gives a general description of where to find it and prices if you're really can't get it
  3. i know the site but they dont really provide anything good

    im going to Kauai by the way to anyone that knows hawaii well
  4. Well, usually what I do is climb the highest tree I can find, and grab an absolute heft amount of duct tape, use the black stuff the silver stuff isn't as good...

    Tape your ballsack with about half a roll, then leave about 15 feet of unwrapped tape and tape the other end to the tree branch, try to drink a 40 oz of Whiskey in approx 5-10 minutes... and that'll keep your mind off of weed for a while.

  5. Wait why?
  6. hawaiis known for good weed thats why im asking...

    i didnt ask how to keep my mind off weed, but thanks for wasting my time.
  7. Pretty easy Im guessing. I went for my graduation present and we stumbled upon a party called the 'Green HArvest' Guess what was there. Sadly I was with my parents but I did get some food and listen to some good bands

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