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How easy is it for you to get weed where you live?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420everysecond, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. #1 420everysecond, Mar 21, 2012
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    Hi Blades!

    The thread title explains it all. I live in California, so getting weed is extremely easy. I have a few friends in different states, and even different countries who have hard times getting a hold of some herb. So where you live, how easy is it for you to get some weed?
  2. *grabs phone, "hey can i swing by in an hour? cool", hangs up phone, eats sammich, goes gets weed*
  3. It's pretty easy to get a hold of some quality bud up here in Boston. It's decriminalized, and if you hang-out with the right people, it's never more than a quick phone call, or text away.

  4. Oh hell yeah I feel you on that. Its just rare to find growers in the city. They usually are out in walpole n shit
  5. Fuking hard as fuk unless u chill with losers and no lifes in my I buy oz in a city 1hr away every 3 weeks or 4 I ONLY smoke alone ever. So I risk a lot to get herb but gotta risk it or get involed with dumbass losers kids.. sucksss:mad:
  6. In Fl, I'd say about half of the people I know smoke weed, but not regularly like the mrs. and I. I'd say if I needed some desperately and my guy came up dry, I could re-up by tomorrow.
  7. Any time of the day or night, give my buddy a call he'll come to me with weed. Usually wants to smoke everyone up too lol he's a chill dude like that
  8. "Hey man, need another half-ounce." "Come on by."
  9. if it between 8 am and 7 pm its as much as a block car drive from anywhere in boulder to get some bud lol

  10. that's a dumb text to send
  11. "Heyy is pizza shop open?" "Well can I come by an get a slice?" :)
  12. why think the gov reads everyones texts and busts people for small amounts of pot?
  13. *Walks out door of apartment..

    *Walks to dispensary LITERALLY next door called HHC..

    *Hey man can I get a gram of Budder and a dub of that Tahoe?

    *Jah Mang..

    * Me Walking Home 1 maybe a 1min 30sec...

    Pack it n blaze. That's how easy it is for me lol

    And I live 10min from my work.. And there's not one way for me to get home without passing a dispensary :hello:
  14. Goes into garden.....hmm seems pretty easy....:p
  15. Same as RememberTheName, for the most part ^

    Welcome to LA.
  16. [quote name='"funkydslr"']Same as RememberTheName, for the most part ^

    Welcome to LA.[/quote]

    Haha yeah bro! On weed maps it's like I live in the middle of one giant dispensary lol
  17. Send an email that reads


    Get a response with the current menu.
  18. 1 being the easiest 10 being the hardest..


    Relatively easy :)
  19. Just walk to any nearby clinic :)
  20. [quote name='"Skunky Monkey"']Goes into garden.....hmm seems pretty easy....:p[/quote]

    You sir, are correct!!

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