How early to start in the year?

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  1. I plan on doing my first grow next year outdoors, but would it be better to plant early April, or mid May? Assuming the last frost is over, would it be more benificial to plant early? Wouldn't this guarantee more buds in the end or am I wrong?
  2. I plant on 4/20 ever year. It makes for an amazing day.
  3. What are your average outdoor yields? Just curious :smoke:
  4. 60 gallon smart pot. My smallest was a little over a pound an the monsters we from 2 to 3 a pice.
  5. If you wanna start them early start them indoors :)
    The bigger you can get them saftely inside the better they will do outdoors ,
    As long as you time them properly so they don't go straight into flower .
    Good luck !
  6. The sooner the better. Once the front is gone.
  7. Here in central Cali we plant June first. And average a 1 to 1 1/2 pound per plant. depending on the strain

  8. :hello:thats it!!!
  9. Don't plant outside until the day length is 14 hours or more in your location. Planting too early will cause the plant to change to the flowering cycle too early and then will reverse back to the veg state in the middle of the flowering period and will not produce good buds in the fall. If you start before the 14 hour day length you need to provide enough supplemental lighting to lengthen the day periods to more than 14 hours to keep the plants in the veg state.

  10. Would it still be okay to plant early April in illinois?
  11. Another thing ive found to keep an eye on is night time temps, if its too low they stunt their growth even if the day temps are good :)
    just another thing to keep in mind
  12. Would mid 50's work out alright?
  13. Umm where i am its 13 - 14 celcius so ill work it out haha.
    Mid - High 50s would be best for little seedlings,
    but if you have grown them to a fairly good size indoors say at least a foot
    then they have the will to wanna be monsters and mid or even low 50s should be okay :)
    of coarse this all depends on the strain and genetics but yes keep an eye on it all :)
  14. Seeds need to reach a certain maturity before they are able to go into flower so theoretically you could put those out earlier. I had my seeded plants out in march sometime (I think I started germing them the second or third week of march). They didn't grow fast because of the cold weather but they didn't get stunted from being put out to early and having to reveg.

    Now on the other hand clones can be a BITCH to get to adjust properly. You can try to get them on a 16/8 light schedule, wait till june and do everything for them but still sometimes will kick into flower anyways.
  15. Yoctown is correct in stating that the seeded plants can be started earlier,because of the time needed to mature to start flowering. Clones, on the other hand are ready to change to the flowering cycle soon after transplant when the light cycle is less than 14 hours. My original answer would apply to clones, but not seedlings.

  16. I live at 30degrees north/ Florida Panhandle, and I won't even start indica dominant strains from seed till mid-April. You can get away with putting sativas out sooner since they won't try to flower as fast. Keep in mind the difference in daylight hours. If you started a fast maturing strain from seed indoors under continuous light, then slapped them outside in 13 or 14 hours of light, their gonna try to flower, then re-veg. It's what we call squaggle pot here. With clones you need to wait till close to the summer solstice before putting outdoors- with seeds 6 to 8 weeks before the solstice is ok depending on weather and latitude.

    The best approach is to look at the daylight hours chart for North America and see what will suit you best where you are. Good luck.

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