How early should yellowing begin? pics

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  1. 18 months growing experience and I haven't come across this one yet.
    This girl has been the leader, started with about 50 seeds and she has been
    the first and best to do everything. Noticed she looked a little pale at around 28
    days of 12/12 Hit her with nitrogen and she continues to accelerate her yellowing. It is now pretty much all leaves, including bud leaf.

    3 other plants in the same tent, getting same treatment, are looking lush.
    Is it possible to get a 6-week strain from seed? Or am I just tripping lol :smoking:

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  2. I have a cheese that finishes in 7 weeks.

    If you are flushing its normal, the plants are using up the nutes and thats why they are yellowing.
  3. Plants yellow because you had low nitrogen from the start and its pretty much impossible to catch up now..ive had them start turning week 6 and they went to 9 with no problems..leaf color doesnt really determine how long they have go by the trichome color
  4. Well, this girl has been stellar through every stage, and I'm not flushing yet. That's what's so curious.

    Yeah first thing I thought was nitrogen but she has been unresponsive to a nitrogen feed. She has had more nitrogen than her sisters who are still a dark, lush, green. If you notice in the pics, pistils are just now starting to change color, about 10 days after first yellowing was noted.

    First test bud was cut yesterday and the buds were surprisingly dense. Smokes like it is still early, head high ya know. Trichs still clear to cloudy to my eyes. I can't find any amber as yet.
  5. If you aint flushing then i would agree with TinTizzy, just a lack of nutes.
  6. Well, in that case, looks like I have my first hungry-assed strain lol.
    Just gonna have to ride it out on this one.

    You ever see yellowing begin 10 days before the pistils start to change?

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