How early is too early?

Discussion in 'General' started by InferiorWang, May 8, 2003.

  1. It's 7:20 and I can't believe I have to be up this early. My earliest class for school is 9:40 on tuesdays and thursdays and it just about kills me to get up and get ready for that. Now, I have an exam at 8:00!?! I am so not a morning person. And off the subject, my suitemate has been in the shower for a damn long time. He must not be a morning person either. What could he be doing in there? Don't answer. I already have an idea. Anyways, I just thought I'd bitch. I'm cramming myself full of caffeine-enriched coke and pineapple and ham pizza eft over from yesterday. Gotta start my day right! Hey, at least I almost got 5 hours of sleep.
  2. haha, good luck with your exams.
  3. don't worry... you will be outta college soon... a job will get you up EARLY every single day... it's not so bad though... it becomes so habitual you don't even notice anymore
  4. Are you willing to make the commitment, to waking up at the crack of noon?

  5. *Are you prepared to say Hey, it's gig time! What t-shirt am I gonna wear??*

    i haven't been up earlier than 1pm lately

    hehe. i'm a "housekeeper" :D
  6. I'm done with school for this year. Summer here I come! And a job that gets me up early every day will kill me. I had a hard enough time in high school. I tried to make sure I got at least 3.5 hours of sleep a night because I had to get up and 6:40 everyday and before 2 I'm not usually able to even think about going to sleep. Those naps in english were damn good tho. Block scheduling will do wonders for your sleep schedule. Each class is an hour and a half of uninterupted nap time. I even perfected a system in english so I could get my work done. Sometimes we had an in class essay. I would find out what it was about and sleep for 45 minutes then wake up and start writing whatever came to mind about the subject. Somehow they came out fairly structured and I got A's on most of them, which proves one of my theories about my ability to work.
  7. my friends and I are trying to achieve a level we call "Ultimate Laziness." I think I've surpassed all my friends. One night I was sitting at my computer and I was too lazy to go to bed. I was tired but I couldnt get up and move. I had one bed on a loft right beside me and it was too high. There was another bed at normal level 12 feet away from me and I couldn't drag myself over there. I had to IM all my friends and tell them my predicament.

  8. Can't decide...can't decide...BRAIN ANEURYSM!!!
  9. What tshirt am I going to wear?...Hmmm...what I have on looks fine. Okay, I'm ready to go!

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