How early is TOO early to get drunk?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dank spanko, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. It's 9 am here on this beautiful day in California and I was thinking about killing a few beers and smoking more of this goo.

    But what do y'all think? Too early or what?

    Discuss :smoking:
  2. Go for it!
  3. Too early. lol I'd say before 11 is too early. That way you have a sip of wine at lunch. lol Not that I'm old enough to drink, this is just a guideline I've seen others go by.
  4. if you don't have work, i'd say go for it.
  5. Times a man made thing. Who said you can't drink early?

    Fuck it get some beer and a steak. Steak and beer for breakfast like a man
  6. I'm a late day drinker. About 5 till 7 have a good supper and chill till bed time. When I drink too early it sort of takes any drive away and wastes my day. imo
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    You guys are gonna grill me for this but I just realized I had a watermelon four loko because I wanted to see what it was all about. Needless to say I'm pretty buzzed after one. Gotta work at 3. Fuck. Indica here I come :)

    These things taste like absolute shit.
  8. Never.

    I've started doing shots at 7 in the morning before.
  9. Here on the east coast 11:30-1200 if it a short day at work.
  10. If your drinking Shitty beer with a low alchohol by volume your fine if your drinking a stronger beer don't get piss drunk by 2.;) I love white Russians on Sunday around lunch time...
  11. Early doesnt exist lol... what if someone works a grave yard shift and gets home at 8 AM, then is 9 AM too early... no... so by default, if you want to drink some beer, drink some beer. Just dont pretend you have a disease if it gets out of hand ;)
  12. On that note I'm headed to the bar for a few drinks. Its is friday you know.
  13. What are u a pussy man?
    Times dont mean shit, drink and puff on brotha!!

    If u wanna get techical, I drink at clubs/housepartys when its 2/3 am...thats tech early in the morning...

    Last time I checked alcohal dont got a certain drinking time on its label, so long the beera cold drink up bro!

    At least thats how we do it in cali :smoke:
  14. but i do :(

  15. You do what lol?
  16. have a drinking problem...I always tell myself i'm not gonna stop at the bar but i can't help myself. I've lost some good women to it.
  17. so glad the drinking age is 18 across the pond :rolleyes::)

    and as long as you aint no alcoholic, go for it.

    P.S jealous

  18. Yea but you already accepted its a problem, not a disease lol

    When people know they have an issue, its better than those who parade around acting helpless because its a "disease". Take control man

  19. I got a good excuse.... I'm a roofer.:cool:
  20. Well that depends. If you are alone when you're about to get drunk, it's ALWAYS too early. Getting wasted by yourself regularly will probably eventually lead to problems later on.

    But otherwise, I'd say before you have lunch is too early.

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