How early is too early for adding nutrients?

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  1. Greetings GrassCity,
    I've had my plants from seedlings to current growth in potting soil (1-1-1)
    I'm watering fairly often, keep it warm and highly ventilated.
    They're all (except two) been in the soil for about 10 days.
    Am I able to add nutrients at this point? Will it do more harm than good?
    I have some GreenPad CO2 pads on the way, but I'm wondering what a small amount of 'grow boost' or whatever would do to the young root system as well as the veg.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    -B 20160416_123705.jpg 20160415_190908.jpg

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  2. If you are in potting soil mix, they will have enough nutrients to last at least a week or two more without adding fertilizers.
  3. I never add anything till they are at least a month old

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  4. Thanks kenners. Thanks mandoluce.
    I'll wait a bit before adding any nutrients. They look pretty good, I just want to make sure they're strong enough for outdoor transplant.
    I also bought one of thise meters that measure light, moisture, and Ph.
    Everything was in the good range except my Ph was up around 7 plus.
    Is this normal? My soil was a little dry initially.
    I use only spring water.
    I've been told to not put absolute faith in those meters.
    What would you guys suggest? 20160415_190520.jpg 20160415_190520.jpg 20160415_203820.jpg
  5. Oh, and I did get rid of that foil per mandoluce's advice.
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    PH is important. What kind of meter did you get? They might have told you not to put much faith in it because it's not a super reliable one? Those who have never had to check/adjust PH are lucky and I envy them! haha ;) Here is a chart that shows first hydro, and then soil nutrient availability in regards to PH. So you will be looking at the two pics on the right, you want your PH closer to 6.5 rather than above 7 where some of those nutrients will not be available for uptake.


    Also I know you are planning to put these outside eventually, when you do, make sure to slowly ease them into the outdoor environment starting with only a few hours a day outside, because the temp/humidity/light change will be shocking to them otherwise.
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  7. I'm seeing some minor canoeing, from what I've read it's either
    -too little moisture
    -too close to lights
    -too much light
    -not enough nutrients
    -too much CO2
    -50 or 60 other reasons.

    What are your thoughts on these leaves?

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  8. He probably just needs a lil extra circulation in there. Heat stress from a t5 is pretty unlikely. Anyways that lil portion is nothing to worry about in all honesty

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  9. Do you have a grow journal set up op?
  10. Good call, man. I just recently started reducing my 'air circulation' time because I thought the fan was too strong, and was drying out my soil too fast. I'll keep the air moving now.

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  11. I don't have a grow journal, but they're young enough I can remember...vaguely...the dates, what I did, and what condition the plants were in.
    I'll get one started.

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  12. My Alien Rift curls like that around the edges, just the genetics, but it would be to much heat of anything, get some circulation and it'll be fine. Don't add nutrients quite yet though,3-4 weeks at the earliest, they look great don't over analyze or you'll end up doing more harm than good.

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  13. Cool, man thanks.
    That was close.
    I was literally just now gonna miracle gro the shit out of them.

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  14. Thats like breaking your arm and deciding to cut it off with a chainsaw instead of getting a sling. Your girls are looking good and NEVER over nute.

    Circulation drying your pots is good, the quicker they dry out, the quicker you can water them. Overwatering is definitely a problem, underwatering rarely happens.
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  15. Yep man no problem. You start a grow journal lemme know. Youre free to check mine out if youd like

    Some previous poster mentioned easing plants into sunlight. I somewhat disagree. Stick them in a place where they get sun in the morning and shade after 12. Just keep giving them a lil more light. I doubt youll have any issues if they were seeds
  16. I use nutrients from day one (1/4 stregnth) and i use organic potting soil
  17. That curling can be caused if there's hot air being blown over the leaves. It will pull the moister right out and leave per a damage.

    I think they look good. Not your water source (please ph your water ;)). If you want to give them something look into rapid root. Be amazed how much it helps. Also bioag ful-power (from what I read really great) I'll be trying that out soon used great white before.

    None is needed but it helps if you are looking to give them something to make them grow faster.

    Nice job so far :)
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