how early do you start foliar feeding?

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  1. Not looking for conspiracies on if it works or not. if you do it, how early do you start.
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    Misting is best done during veg stage when the light is first turned on. When the temp is around 75-78* the stomato are open and can uptake nutes etc.
    Flowering plants(buds)are best not misted as this can cause mold and humid conditions.

    You want a fine mist and you can add small amount of liquid soap to the mist bottle so the spray will not bead up on the leaves causing what is called magnification leading to burn spots from nutrient.

    Lot's of controversy about misting but, is a help for immediate uptake of nutrient deficient plants.
  3. I like the idea of the soap. Must remember that. Thanks colafarmer.

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