how early can i take a taste?

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  1. i'm wondering how early it is reasonable to snip a bud and let it dry out to test the smoke. i have a hermie plant right now i've been flowering for about 3.5 weeks and carefully picking out each pollen sac.
    there's a good chance i won't keep it alive to finish flowering which would take another month or more. the plant is budding well and producing visible trichs but the buds are obviously still airy and small. 
    i was wondering if snipping a bud from a side cola to smoke would yield and psychoactive effect. would the taste be harsh? note i stopped giving the plant nutrients about a week ago when i discovered she was a hermie and just been feeding it calmag + distilled water.
    i would really like to test the smoke before deciding if i want to bother maintaining the plant (it seems to be producing buds of a similar size to the females so far. trich production seems slightly stalled but it hard to say. there is clearly visible trichs on the sugar leaves and buds.)
    what are your thoughts brahs?

  2. Noobie grower here. I've been curious about this post for since it came up and no one has responded yet. I'll take a shot at it. But remember noobie here so I might just be talking out my...
    If the trichs are still clear and it's only 3.5 weeks into flower I can say that the psychoactive effect will not be anywhere a fully mature plant. There might be some maybe. And I am assuming that you would quick dry the bud as well to smoke it. So the smoke would not be very pleasant between being so young and quickly dried and no cure.
    I'm sure you could cut some off and dry and smoke and maybe get a high but I wouldn't judge the plant on such a early test.
    You can't judge a apple tree based on the taste of one apple that isn't ripe and you can't with this plant as well. I personally wouldn't try a plant until it was at least 6-7 weeks into flowering and had some nice trichs and smell to it.
    Did you try it yet? Won't hurt to try.
  3. It won't effect the plant but might not taste as good and may be harsh
  4. Well, thats how the indians did it back in the day. They would sample a little at a time. When it got them really stoned, they knew it was ready.
  5. Go straight from dry to pipe, it won't taste anywhere near as good as the real crop, when done right, and if the bud's still got clear crystals, it won't give the full psychoactive effects by a LONG shot.

    Hermy plant, I'd be letting it mature (while picking the sacs), and use it to make hash or budder.
  6. update:
    the hermie is still alive LOL I am like a mad scientist using it as an experiment. 
    I kept it out on the counter under three 42 watt CFLs these past couple weeks while the rest of my plants are in mylar coated chamber with proper attention to air flow and sufficient lighting. 
    in the past two weeks this has gone from my biggest plant to my smallest. Even the mainlined plant with a 90 degree bend at the stem is taller than the hermie now LOL. The crystal content is actually pretty good on the herm but you can tell it's not on the same level as the others.
    I expect in the next 2-3 weeks of flowering the other plants are gonna simply explode in bud density and resin production. Will be interesting to see how this plant turns out.
    I've stopped noticing pollen sacs as well.. at first there was like 50 in the first couple weeks of flowering now I notice about 1 per week if that  
  7. My autoflower white widow is now curing in a quart jar after drying for 5 days.  I managed to get a full quart jar of decent buds with this first indoor grow under an LED light.  The humidity is at 74% so I'm keeping the lid off the jar for a few hours at a time to get it down to 65%.
    I'm going to pop a little bit of it into my Arizer Solo vaporizer and give it a test run.  I've never tried white widow before.  It smells so strong that I just gotta give it a little taste.
    I'll give you a follow up report later today...unless I get so stoned I forget!
  8. Ok, first effects after 10 minutes are:  heady high (top of the forehead), no couch-lock yet.  Feeling kind of energetic.  I'd say it's ok to give your bud a little sample.  As I understand it, the effects will get even better as the bud cures.
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    finally sampled this plant. cut a side branch on day 40 and hung it up to dry.

    snipped the most mature bud from the branch to quick dry and smoke

    quick dried it over my toaster

    it smelled bad

    it tasted like nothing

    but it got me really high

    i hope the slow drying will fix the smell (mix between sushi and wet lawn... the plants don't smell like this)

    very first taste of homegrown :D i hope to never go back
  10. You are showing signs of being impatient. Relax and let it grow. I remember when homegrown was a dirty word.
  11. ^^^+1 above ^^^ Patience Will pay off. I made a rule a long time ago to never take a taste until I have cured my buds for 90 days or more.
  12. LOL you guys must have missed the first few posts I don't care about this plant AT ALL. in fact it's a confirmed hermaphrodite and i'm growing it in the open air under two 40 watt CFL bulbs. it's in coir and i'm not even feeding it nutes since week 3 of flower!!!

    This plant is literally an EXPERIMENT. I want to see how this premature buds compare to buds in 1 week when i chop more and 2 weeks when i chop the whole plant. I also want to see how trichrome production is delayed or spurred by chopping branches late in flowering.

    then i will compare the 8 week buds from this plant to the properly grown plants i have growing in another room which i won't touch until they've been properly matured, dried, and cured

    it's one thing to hear posters say that the buds will only get better - another thing to have hands on experience to know EXACTLY how the bud matures as a result of treatment and age. and exactly how the taste changes due to drying and curing

  13. I usualy take a taste at about 6 weeks into flower, itll be a bit harsh.

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