How does......

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  1. how does this;

    become this????

    I know this is a dumb, noob question but ive always wondered how the process goes?
  2. put it in the microwave for 45 seconds on high...duh
  3. yeah i actually have the same question . ive been confused about that shit for a while now loll
  4. Wrong section. Look at the grow threads.
  5. ok sorry for posting in the wrong section. should i wait for a moderator to move this or create a new one?
  6. cut off the leaves and dry it.
  7. the plants in the picture arent flowered yet. the bud or flower of the weed plant is waht u smoke. you cut it off and cure(dry) it and shit and ya then u smoke that shittt:smoking:
  8. ok i got an idea now. i wont even ask how exactly do you cut and dry this but i will ask if its possible to smoke the plant without drying it? will u still get the same high
  9. no it has to be dry. go to the growing sections. there is a wealth of information to
    be had ;)
  10. ok thank you +rep

  11. You can always click on the Report Post button [​IMG] and let us know that it is in the wrong section so it can be moved. :)
  12. Read a grow journal all the way through.
  13. rofl! lol...stupid question 8=]
  14. you are welcome!!
  15. There are no stupid questions, just...oh, wait. Nevermind.

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