How does your partner get you into bed?

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    So I'm in the kitchen washing dishes enjoying my show at the same time when I get a phone call.
    "Hey how was your day, yadda yadda yadda, we should order pizza tonight, then we'll fuck afterwards, see you when I get home!" 
    I hang up the phone and a thought occurs to me, is this how all couples do things? Women, do your men just pencil in their sex like they pencil in their football games? Men, do your Women just get down without any real effort involved or do they still make you work for it??
    I'm wondering if I am letting him off a little too pun intended...... :rolleyes:

  2. yep... im more like ayyy will u suck my dick whenever i get horny, or if im up late doin unmentionables and shes passed out its kinda fun to just spit on my *** and get it pre lubed and just shove it in her while shes sleepin and wake her up with a good old fashion SMASH followed by a newport, into a bowl smoke, into a movie, into another couple newports... then zzzzz
  3. grab her by the hair and drag her to the bed. or sometimes i dont even want the bed and i just bend her over the nearest object and take her to pound town.
    lol this is all sounding vaguely rapey 
  5. she usually just throws her panties at me and we go from there. :metal:
  6. Whenever I'm horny she'll know right away lol. I get hard just thinking about pounding her down. Sometimes she lets me if her stomach didn't hurt from before. But if her stomach hurts then I have to wait. We don't schedule our time for making love. She doesn't initate the act. I've noticed that I'm more than often the one humping her leg with the doggy eyes.
  7. First I cast a spell of seduction upon her, after which she sprinkles hardening dust on my unsheathed wand while chanting the Hymn Of The Rite Of Copulation And Increasing Population pt. II: The Wood Without Fruition. This can only lead into the throes of foreplay, which is almost without exception initiated by me with the wave of an appendage and a half-eaten steak blessed at the Mires Of Vatchina. Only then will she be ready to receive the spew of the Two Pump Champ, the undisputed hero I am. 
  8. I don't have a partner :(
  9. least I know that other women aren't getting secretly romanced before they have sex lol 
  10. My wife will just put her feet in my lap and start rubbing the love wand with them.

    If I want sex I will just go for it. I usually just find a way to stick my dick in her butt and start rubbing on her breasts from behind while kissing the back of her neck. Works every time. Of course we have kids so we usually have to wait until they are in bed.
  11. My S/O wanted to know and to call her first! And nobody else!
    you should get yourself over here to my place :ey:
  13. only if i can bring renee :love:
  14. Little spoon action with kissing the back of her neck works every time.
  15. This. It's good to show some affection. Run hands over her her body, then lead her to that O.
  16. I for sure make him work for it. It's like cat and mouse in different rooms 🐱🐭 makes it all the better


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