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How does your ..... feel?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GGrass, May 21, 2010.

  1. ...Like warm apple pie...
  2. Yes, I have actually. Thankfully I didn't doubt it.
  3. So you're sure you're gay? :D

  4. This gives me a funny idea...
  5. I bet you had that joke in mind from the beginning :p

    100% Straight.
  6. Sorry.. I just had to... :D

    So you're dead straight... that's cool... although I don't think anyone can be 100% straight...

    On a scale of 0-100, 0 being perfectly straight chick, 100 being perfectly straight dude, 50 being perfectly gay, where would you be?

    I think I'm at about 80.
  7. Nah, I'm pretty damn sure I'm 100. I don't think I would look at/touch my own cock if I didn't have to.
  8. [​IMG]

    i don't know how to describe how it feels, sometimes it's warm, sometimes it's hot. sometimes it's kinda sticky, sometimes just slippery. sometimes it's tighter, sometimes it's looser. idk that's the best i can do.
  9. It's cool... being 100% man... though I think it'll be very tough to be that...

    Are you disgusted by the sight of a cock? Even your own cock?
  10. Nah, I mean I don't start gagging and hacking or anything, but I wouldn't just sit there and have a staring contest with it.

    * I prefer porn to not have a cock or balls in it. If it does I just simply look away from that aera

    If I sit there with my cock in my hand, and I'm focusing on it very hard, I won't get a boner, or think, "I wonder how my ass would feel if this went up it".
  11. I see... now I'm convinced that you're a 100.

    You sound very confident. Good for you, mate.

    I wish I was so confident...
  12. And I wish I was so confident about my religion. God wants us to follow with ignorance, I see why now.

  13. And your religion is?

    Let me guess. Christianity? Baptist, perhaps?

    (The underlined quote) Don't they call it 'faith'?
  14. Correct.

    And yea, its called faith. But once you start wondering.. and you start to want a answer, then you start to wonder about everything else, and cannot believe in it unless you know for fact.

    For example (just off the top of my head), people say everything happens for a reason. But then you go and see abandoned children, people with cancer, retardation, wars, evil, greed, prostitution, ect. Then you start to think - Why would God let things get so bad? Sure, he wants people to have faith, and hes got to test them somehow, but some of this shit is just horrid.

    One of the topics I am debating with myself ATM is in my signature. I'm torn on the whole marijuana issue. Christians (most) look down on it, and the entire world does for that matter, Yet its so harmless, and all plants are for man to consume.
    God also said that the world will strongly deny him and disprove of him (kind of like they do with weed? Just a thought :rolleyes:).

    TL;DR: Bad shit happens, God seemingly allows it. World denies marijuana, all plants are for man to consume, perhaps God approves of the plant.
  15. I used to have faith too. The Christian faith.

    Lost it though...

    Now I'm faithless.
  16. I'm slowly losing mine... involuntary...if that makes any sense:confused:

    Just talking about it or thinking the fact that I am losing it kind of speeds up the process.

    I'm kind of starting to feel like religion is a lot like the government. You have to follow many rules, and if you don't you go to a place that you will hate (jail/hell).
  17. my dick feels like it just won the super bowl. unless i got a rondom on in which case i feel like i'm watching it on tv.

  18. Yeah unfortunately most "Christians" are posers; disparaging the earth's NATURAL medicinals is laughable. These so-called "Christians," can be seen getting WASTED drunk nearly every weekend at bars. The people that actually follow their religious testaments live pretty dull and awkward lifestyles. I come from a pretty religious family and most people do all kinds of things on the DL, yet repent every Sunday or so. Umm afaik, continually engaging in and perpetuating sinful behavior, then continually asking for "forgiveness" is a load of bullocks. It's just an excuse to engage in a "sinful," wanton lifestyle, while pretending to be "better" than the "rest" of us... I'm glad I escaped the religious mind-control system, in favor of open-minded spirituality... :wave:

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