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How does your ..... feel?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GGrass, May 21, 2010.

  1. I think you're a little too worried about your sexuality for a straight dude.
  2. ^^ This guy gets it..
    But to the OP... Look up escorts in the yellow pages.
  3. damn dude all i read was dick n pussy, dick n pussy :D

    u wrote the word dick 12 times n pussy 11 times lol

    dude...we kno wat u like more, dont worry ;)
  4. This is something hard to explain...
    But word of advice, if a girl says ow, stop.
  5. If a girl says "ow" i'll stop....
    Unless she's a dirty little slut then I dont care what she yells.
  6. it feels great to have a dick slide in my pussy hehe.

  7. I see what you did there.
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    To Visa Accepted : Do you think I'm gay? Then you must know what being gay means... Care to tell me what it means to be gay?


    To Herb Hancock : Hm... I think about my sexuality a lot, but I'm not too worried about it... like I said, I don't mind being gay.


    To the guy who counted number of dicks and pussies : 12 dicks to 11 pussies, huh... that's interesting... like you guessed, may be subconciously I was stating my preference. But I think 12 dicks and 11 pussies are good proportion for any orgy... :D

    Actually no. I'd prefer 12 dicks to 6 pussies for an orgy. :devious:


    Talking about orgy, I have a question : Do you like orgy where there are more dicks than pussies? Or do you like it when there are more pussies than dicks?


    Ow. Now that's a very ambiguous remark.

    A girl once said 'Ow, it hurts.' So I stopped, and she asked, "Why did you stop?"

    Very confusing...
  9. How long would I have to work at Burger King to get 100 dollars?
  10. Now THIS.

    Is a perfect description of how a pussy feels.


    Mairuzu : LOL... :D
  11. EVERYTHING I needed to know I learned from PORNO

    Its Simple a pussy feels liked its getting fucked and likes it!
    A Dick feels Like its fucking and likes it!

  12. Bwaaha lmfao... wtf man?! For some reason this just makes me crack up every time I re-read it! It's just flat out RAW "you're gay bro..." (As if that was a big secret by now) Too comical, lol. :laughing:

    Man I needed that laugh out loud moment... thanks! :smoking:
  13. Some people don't like to think too much about certain things. Such as religion or sexuality. Most dudes will just go around saying (in their head) " Yup I like pussy, And i hate cocks", and never put any deep thought into it.

    I tried putting deep thought into my religion, and started doubting somethings. Now I cant really take it serious. Was a big mistake.
  14. i dont remember :confused_2:
  15. I didn't read that essay you wrote on me...
    You must've typed dick and pussy thirty times.

  16. Do you have a problem with dicks and pussies?
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    I'm not sure if what I'm saying now varies from woman to woman but this' what I came up with after smoking a nice bowl, actually quite a few...

    Like mentioned before a vagina is kept closed and tighter than when one is having sex. Before sex there's foreplay and generally feelings, right? Imagine these feelings being pursued before sex in ones' reproductive organs: Tingly, kind of nice, feelings (I'd believe both sexes know what I'm saying). Right before sex I'd say a woman is generally having these feelings at the closest part to the skin around her vagina - to us it begins to feel more sensitive and tends to pulse(?) or push towards the surface slowly. this moving to the surface just feels better when relieved. Eventually this pulsing creates a lubricant for sex and therefore aids the penis to enter/ glide smoother. When it does it feels good to a girl just because the nerves and feelings which weren't stimulated before are stimulated now, yet everywhere. The reason why different movements and thrusting makes a difference is because those movements are stimlating more nerves in our vaginas, creating fucking awesomeness. Once is awesomeness happens to a max there comes an orgasm...

    The end :smoking:
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  18. That was one of the most 'physical' description of feelings of a pussy! Very biological and detailed! Thanks!

  19. What about sexuality? Have you thought about your sexuality?

    It's a good excercise... makes you think.

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