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How does your ..... feel?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GGrass, May 21, 2010.

  1. Ah, yes... the air-heads... I forgot about them for awhile...
  2. im under the impression that the stroking of the inside of a vagina feels to a girl much like the stroking of the outside of the penis.
    now orgasms and clit play and gspot rubbin....only some girls really even know that
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    LOL :laughing:

    Dude, you're totally wrong. Sorry, but not all women are gold-digging, manipulative bitches looking for someone that will bend over and let a woman fuck him in the ass (metaphorically, of course ;)). Granted, there are some, but you really need to get out more if that's all you've seen, because you're missing a lot.

    I can tell you I would rather have my own fucking money than anyone elses. If that wasn't true, why the fuck would I be going to college to get my own career? But, I digress. That's all I'll say on the subject.

    As for what it feels like, it just feels good. In some sense, I think that we crave/need the pressure of a penis (or other object, if you're into that) in our vaginas, at least that's the way it is for me. I can't speak for others, but I never have a powerful orgasm w/o something in there. It is so hard to explain, but it just feels really, really good. The fullness, the stimulation, it's just fucking great. :smoke:

    God, this is such an awkward subject... :eek:
  4. ive thought about this before...weeeeird shit. i still remember being in the 7th and 8th grade wonderin what a pussy felt like to finger and shit hahah kids would say some crazyyy shit
  5. Um, if I recall correctly sometimes one set of organs is underdeveloped and isn't ever noticed until a physical or surgery. Also, sometimes the parents decide to have one set of organs removed because having both is just unseemly.

    My high-school sex ed class was definitely not your standard sex ed class. :|
  6. Lol....

    A thing about gold diggers. They come in both forms. Male and female. Men feel like they're the ones being prey for gold digging women, but women are also victims of gold digging men.

    Why do people become gold diggers? Coz they're poor.


    Back to dick and pussy.

    From the comments, I observed that :

    Guys are having no luck at describing how a pussy feels, let alone describing how their own dicks feel.

    Same for girls.

    We can't even describe the feelings on our own dicks or pussies...

    I think the closest description a guy can say about the feeling on his dick when it enters a pussy, is,

    "It feels like pussy."

    And I think the best a girl can describe the feeling of being fucked by a dick, is,

    "It feels like a dick."


    When having sex, the guy and the girl are feeling total opposites. One is feeling the pussy, and the other is feeling the dick. What could be more opposite than a dick and a pussy?

    But they both feel the same. They feel good.


    Because they fit. (Assuming that they're are of normal sizes...)


    So in a sense, a dick and a pussy are the same thing. A dick is one half, and pussy is the other half. Although one half is sticking out, and the other half is making a hole, when they combine, they fit perfectly and they feel the same.

    So in conclusion, a dick feels like pussy and a pussy feels like dick.
  7. Would you believe, I never had sex education in school. The schools I went to, didn't have them.
  8. Question for dudes

    Q : How does your dick feel when it enters a pussy?
    A : It feels like a pussy.

    Question for ladies

    Q : How does your pussy feel when a dick enters it?
    A : It feels like a dick.
  9. Seriously.. you have me laughing so hard, I am gasping for air.

    But yea, it totally feels like a pussy.
  10. lol op you're crazy but in a good way i guess, you're quite into this.
  11. ...just sayin

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  12. (Sorry OP for the mini-Hijack)...

    I disagree with the supposed "counter examples" chiming in, providing SINGULAR examples of how they aren't of said example; DUH, if you're aren't, then you need not become malicious about this stereotypical-generality (stereotypes DO have truths to them, or else they wouldn't exist at all, nor would they be mutually recognizable)... You providing your story means very little in the grand scheme of things...

    For everyone single "you," out there, there's +10,000 poorly behaving examples; nearly the same can be said for men also (not nearly as much, but I won't get into that in this thread).

    ...Sorry but the "you're some kind of loser" if you have something negative to say about women is bogus...

    I have a plethora of life experience and in some cases, scientifically based studies supporting said stereotypes/generalities. I'm attractive, highly educated, extremely fit, have a career, make money, and have LOTS of friends; many of whom are females. No, I'm not some keyboard-curmudgeon, misogynist, hating on women b/c I cannot get any; I do just fine with women.

    Just bc a woman has a career; what does that have to do with NOT paying for your fair share (socially) with regard to men? I know tons of women that make lots of money and still accept payment for all kinds of things they ought to buy. Tell us that you pay for all your own dates, often refuse a man's gesture to pay, and or PAY for the man? BULLOCKS... You benefit just like every other woman bc you've accepted inequality as a way of life. Stand up and stop pretending that you're not part of this inequality mindset... Oh and FYI "occasionally" paying vs not paying at all = means jack, you're still for inequality regarding men.

    I'm about EQUALITY between the sexes; not equality, where men still continue to foot your food & entertainment bill... I don't think you have a clue just how expensive it is to casually date in the city? It's $100s PER WEEK when everything is tallied up, oh but you wouldn't know about spending $1000s of dollars in hopes of weeding out all the BS gamers, to find people that are honest and decent. This is very common amongst men. We men, we WORK HARD for our money; we don't take too lightly to other people wasting our time and money for "lets see if it works out."
    __How about YOU PAY and see if it works out? Wouldn't that be something; you meet someone, they decide that, eh not working out; you both pay your share and part ways... Noooo that would the RIGHT thing to do. Instead the typical date is nothing but a facade, with the male generally feeling, "hey yeah that was fun, I think there's something here," vs a woman, "yeah I wasn't really feeling this guy, so we had dinner and drinks (he paid) and I never called him back." Tell me, does that sound "fair" to you, bc that's a typical man's "date." Now if you're telling me that's not the way most dates go (esp in large cities), you're in denial or delusional.

    Let me ask you something, have YOU volunteered for SELECTIVE-SERVICE, so that if the military comes calling, you'll be forced to FIGHT IN A WAR just like ALL MEN??? I doubt it... :confused:
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    Okay hrmm... It feels like, just like I said before; not all vaginas feel the same, period. There's a multitude of descriptions, some being:

    1) Tight, medium, looser.
    2) Hot, warm, luke-warm.
    3) Shallow, medium, and deep.
    4) Squirting, slick, dry.

    Now combine all of those and you'll get a LOT of diff perceptions of "feeling..." I've experienced all of those combos and again the BEST feeling (to me) is; HOT,medium-tight, slick, deep. :ey: :yummy:

    I guess you could say it would feel like slowly inserting your arm into some hot, firm, moist tofo? hhaa :confused_2: :laughing: ... wait I'mma blaze up and see if I become more descriptive...
  14. Thanks. And yes. Apparantly I am.

    Into this, I mean.

    I take the phrase, 'be in other people shoes' very seriously.


    Coz I can't risk to be wrong...

    That's it. I hate to be wrong.

    So even when I have an idea, I don't assume it's correct, but I have to see the other side of it, before I can say anything about anything.

    But then, like in this case, being a dick and being a pussy, I realize it's really difficult to see both sides... so I just end up conceding that I don't know anything, and stay somewhere in the middle...

  15. I'm glad you see the humour!

    A pussy feels like pussy. It doesn't feel like inside of an asshole, it doesn't feel like a warm loaf of bread...

    It sure doesn't feel like a clover field...

    A pussy feels just like a pussy should.

    Same thing for the dick.

    A dick doesn't feel like a broom handle... I mean, I'm a guy, and after I put my dick in a girl's pussy, if the girl says,

    "It feels like a broom handle."

    then I'd be really pissed.
  16. I asked my dick how it feels when I fuck, and he told me,

    "It feels like falling into a hot, dark cave, filled with molten lava, head first. You can't see anything, you feel like your plunging into the deepest abyss in a sea of sticky hot lava. Then you're pulled back by the ankle and pushed back into the pit again repeatedly, and often violently.

    You get really dizzy and your head starts to spin... It's very torturing coz you can't breath while you're buried in there. When you get pulled out, you get a brief chance to grasp for air, and you're back inside again, holding your breath. It's suffocating. Quite scary, actually."

    So I asked him if he wanted to go in the cave tonight and he said,

    "That's up to your wife."

  17. Lmfao; that's some way out there ish! I def wanna know a few things:

    1) What strain are you using?
    2) What method of delivery (Bong, pipe, Vape?)
    3) Just how much did you consume?

    Haha nice thinking... :smoking:

    And what I'm thinking, now that I'm properly medicated... It feels like, like I'm slowly merging into her, like we connect physically and (I try) mentally. Trying to predict her next move and plan out how I'm going to make her orgasm as much as possible. At the same time I'm feeling like all my concentration is focused in my penis lol. My pain-sensation is def muted while I'm in the "ZONE!" Actually I feel more animalistic, like my silly, (normally) embarrassing faces and sounds are now totally acceptable and or welcomed... Good stuff for sure! Love them women that can talk it good.:love: :yummy:
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    You're gay bro.
    I don't think any hetero guys imagine themselves tearing up some vag and then getting fucked in the ass at the same time.
    Your thought process is counter-productive, pussy's not good enough for you so you have to make it weird?
    In real-life tell some of your male friends what you've been telling us, see the reaction on their faces.

    You want to know what pussy feels like?
    Go get yourself a part time job at burger king, take your first 100$ pay check and go on craigslist to find some prostitutes/escorts (same thing) for you're little science project.

  19. And you seem totally secure about your sexuality too.
  20. I'm secure with my sexuality, my roomate is gay and thinks this dude is a fairy.

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