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How does your ..... feel?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GGrass, May 21, 2010.

  1. A man and a woman... are they equal?

    A dick and a pussy... are they equal?
  2. I think you should experience the unimaginable and find some chick to knock your junk around for a while.

    From the looks of this thread you could use a little enlightening.

  3. Are you trying to say that I should get laid?

    If you are, let me tell you, you are absolutely right. I definitely need to get laid...
  4. And the cup of win just keeps getting poured fuller and fuller.
  5. I give up.
  6. Take your finger and rub it around in your ear like you have an itch. What feels better? The inside of your ear.
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    Possibly some hermaphrodites (which somebody mentioned) would know the answer to both questions, since they are supposed to have male and female organs.

    The statement "half of you will know the answer to one of the questions......" is not applicable to this website, since the readership is mostly male.
  8. LOL. speak for thyself

    you're giving them too much credit
  9. I've heard about a bunch of dudes that stick objects up their dickhole for cash...
    Like pencils and other weird things. Dunno. Google it. I know I won't.
  10. pussy feels like a wet warm pillowy cushion of awesomness designed just for your weiner.
    i cant answer the second question
  11. Actually a wet warm pillowy cushion would feel terrible... imagine a cushing that's dripping wet?

    But I get what you're saying. :D
  12. I'm a girl, and I love penises. They're the best things ever. No lie. Sometimes i wish I had one. Sometimes.

    I'm way too outspoken haha.
  13. Dick feels like this perfect divine creation entering my vag that if it penetrates enough it will leave me in a state of nirvana. Too bad most of the owners of these things SUCK. Oh how I miss thee.
  14. When I was in middle school, we asked someone's mom this question. She told us all that sex for a girl feels just like sex for a guy, only inside out (and vise versa).
    Lol, I can't really put words to what it feels like.
    Usually, it's enjoyable, feels like a silky but hard pressure and kind of sparkly and such? :eek:
  15. Agreed. Especially when on road trips. Ah, for the ability to pee standing up without using devices or peeing on one's own feet and not showing ass to the entire world.
  16. when a penis goes in me it feels as if the gratest pleasure ever was given to me. idk what would happen if they go extinct lol

    im so baked right now :smoking: i wish a had a penis in my vagina right now hmm...its heaven

  17. Educational advertisement: Hiya kids! Are you looking for some good, hard cock in the near future? Well then you should definitely, Control your carbon footprint.
  18. I too have wondered this, and this is the best answer that I have ever found on the topic.

    It's a warm, full feeling. And every time it goes in, out and back in again you can feel shudders all over your body and a really nice, indescribable feeling in your stomach. If you've been waiting a long time, (or have been teased for a long time) the first slide in feels like such a relief. It's sort of like a really bad itch on your back that you can't manage to scratch without someone's help. While it's going in you can feel the head, but usually (in my case anyway) you can mostly only feel the shaft, but that's nice too, if it's really hard or pulsing. When it's fast, your temp rises faster and sometimes it's hard to think about anything else but what's going in and out of you (that's when you might throw your hips back against him to unconsciously say you want more). When it's slow I just get a lot of muscle spasms, but it still feels good. When the testes hit against you or when you feel him bumping your cervix, I think it's more of a mental feed, like you know that you're taking it all and that makes you just feel nice. I'm not sure I described it the best way but, that's how I feel.
  19. Correction... Overcomplexity is a NEGATIVE in usually all aspects of engineering and life in general. Notice when it comes to most "winners," and their formulas for "success," it's often decreed "K.I.S.S, " or Keep It Simple Stupid.

    The problem here in lies with men and biology; we HAVE to chase women, we are programmed for this. Women know this and thus act like shit b/c they know SOME dude IS going to come to her... It may not be Mr. Big money (every girls dream, they all lie about this), but if not Mr. Money, then Mr. Whipped-gullible-douchebag-pushover who'll spend all of this time trying to appease her with gifts and bullshit. This sets up a precedence for all of the ill-mannered, princess bullshit you see today.

    The ONLY reason men tolerate women and their "over-complexity," is simple; WE HAVE TO. So the next time you find yourselves debating this non-sense and a chick is acting stupid; K.I.S.S her goodbye! :wave:

    To the OP: To me it depends on the girl; not all pussies are the same. The BEST is when it's like a warm knife through butter; a slow sinking, ever increasing warming sensation. Sorta like your 1st time in a very hot jacuzzi; you gotta ease in there, until you're all the way... Anything more or less is annoying; ESP the chick you can just dive right into = OMG I'm instantly turned off like "umm HOW many other fsckers have just dove right in this luke warm cess pool?!"
  20. LMAO how high were you when you were rambling like this? what were you on? i would seriously like some.

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