How does your ..... feel?

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  1. How does a dick feel when it enters a pussy?

    And how does a pussy feel, when a dick enters?

    Half of you will know the answer to one of the two questions, and the other half will know the answer to the other question.

    But there's no fucking way someone could know both.

    Or is there?
  2. like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.
  3. Hahahaha ^ I'll rep you after this post.

    It feels like. Hmm. Hard to explain. It feels like going into a slippery hole lmao.

    Feels bomb tho.
  4. I don't put my dick in pussy. I put my dick in bootie. No homo.
  5. Men... we will never understand women... Women... they're too sophisticated. Like they got two brains or something.
  6. shit, i may not understand women, but i do get them.

    their too emotional with their shit. they overcomplicate shit.

    but to answer the op.

    i have thought of this topic a couple of times, but never felt like it needed to be asked.
    because i know exactly how it feels and i can imagine how good it must feel for the opposite.

    to streekstruck

    thats homo bro. if you would rather fuckin a girls ass than the pussy than you got some gay tendencies. just saying, pussy fucking ftw

  7. they could come close to both if a guy is bi and gets fuked in the butt and at the same time fucks a pussy.. would this technically be considered DP?

  8. I don't think that's possible... I dunno, I don't like weiner, but I imagine that it would be hard to keep a boner while somethin's in yer butt...:rolleyes:
  9. Slidin' in deep is the most wonderful velvety feeling in the WORLD!!!!:D:ey:
  10. Umm... fucking great.
  11. I'm trying to imagine how a pussy feels. Now, does that come out as gay?

    It sure does. It sounds so fucking gay.

    But that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to understand and sympathize with pussies. Try to see the view from the other side.

    Now, did I just say I'm going gay?

    I guess I just did.

    So what does that make me?

    A guy who's trying to understand other side, or a gay?


    The point is, it doesn't really matter.

    I couldn't give a shit what people label me. Gay... Bi... Dude... Girl? I don't think anyone will label me as a girl...

    I am of ever-changing spectrum of sex, from way tough dude, to really soft chick.

    Sometimes I'm a dick, sometimes I'm a pussy.

    I don't know man... I'm just saying things...
  12. Hahaha dude, you're so mistaken! You get hard when something's up your ass. Well, if you like it, of course.

    But basically, to answer the butt fuck question (lol), when I'm sober and I'm penetrated back there, it feels pretty good and turns me on. But when I'm high, my's ecstasy.

    As for the penis into pussy question...I'll get back to you on that. Still haven't been able to try that. Will soon, though.

    And I assume a herm could truly know both...
    At the same time, perhaps...although that would be an awkward position.

  13. They do...

  14. Now isn't that scary? I find it very scary...

    Women... they are far more intellegent than men.

    They know what we are thinking, even before we think about it.

    They know what we're going to do, even before we do it.

    It's really scary...
  15. An opinion from a pussy... a rare thing...
  16. Actually, I've tried that before. Only with power of my imagination though.

    While fucking a pussy, I thought about being butt fucked by a dick, and it totally ruined it. Just doesn't work that way, I guess.
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    I think it's totally unexplainable... it's so much easier for a girl to imagine what a dick feels like than for a guy to imagine what a vagine feels like. ('Vagine' was a typo but it reminded me of Borat so I'm keeping it)

    [a few minutes later]

    I just spend a while trying to describe it and failing, so I'm sticking to the above statement.

    [a few minutes later]

    Imagine your dick inverted. Not literally, I'm not saying that if you pushed your dick back inside of you it'd feel like a vagina, but I mean imagine it as a tunnel filled with nerve endings instead of an appendage filled with nerve endings. Now imagine that the walls of this tunnel are always touching, so it is closed and pretty off-limits to any kind of accidental stimulation (unlike the penis). So you're chilling with your vagine, not really paying attention to it, and then a dick comes along and pushes its way inside. Even with an hour of foreplay, that dick feels like magic because it has to force its way in a narrow hole, inducing stimulation on all sides. And, since the vagine is usually closed, it creates a sense of 'fullness' and pressure (but in good a way) since, obviously, even a stimulated wide-set vagine is not going to be the circumference of a typical penis.

    This is an interesting thread. :smoke:
  18. And this is an interesting reply. :smoke:
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  20. It is in trying to imagine the unimaginable, that I stretch the boundary of my imgaination...

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