How does weed help with depression?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AlexJacK, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. I've had my past with depression, I want to know how weed helps deal with depression?

    Keep toking!
  2. Well from the start, you should be with a good environment or friends that make you forget the state youre currently in, so you dont over think yourself. (overthinking is pointless) you get super high your first time and that blows everything you were worried about out of your mind, atleast for me.
    As soon as I got high, I bought the very first piece, and grinder and a dub of bud, that i ever used.
    Toked it up for a long while since, and pretty much everyday I'd think less and less about what my issues were, appreciated more, but when I'd run out, I'd feel miserable, you've really got to just get passed that, just like you must move passed everything that has been holding you back, so you can move on.. I dont know, a sad state still lingers among me, but looking back I was in a much darker state, it disgusts me, and I only wish I had learned things sooner.
    I had no help with depression, I did not believe one could venture forth without somebody.. But it turns out you can, and I was foolish to think I didn't have it in me. Though I said I am sort of sad, I am happier with the simplicity of life than I've ever been.
    Life is truly complex but you need not complicate your mind and the hormones and with stress and what not.. Learn to just chill.
    I don't even know anything about you but hope that helped lol. No one will help you anymore than you will help yourself. Unless you have loved ones, treasure them
  3. weed helps my anxiety, and usually improves my mood, but be aware that it effects everyone differently. it could help you, or it could make things worse. experiment with different strains; high CBD and indicas are your best bet, and take it one step at a time.
  4. From one perspective, it makes you worry and think less about things you don't need to be worrying about. As well, it improves you mood and depending on strain, may help you get up and do something -more sativa side, vs. being able to relax without worry and watch a movie or chill with your family - indica. 
    For a scientific perspective, GRANYY where ya' at!! ;) (Ps. happy holidays!)
    ^She'll be able to drown you in information. :smoking:
  5. it dowsht
    it doesn't
  6. I am bipolar and if I smoke some Satvia before I am to deep into my depression I can catch it in time and pull myself out of my depression.

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  7. Im not sure it does, well not in the long term.

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  8. Spot on man. For me it gives me instant relief, but over time if im smoking to "cure" depression, my tollerance rises to an ungodly level.

    Then whenever im not high, I feel like shit.

    Depression is something you gotta deal with yourself, or go to a doctor.

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  9. It is not a cure for depression in my experience. It can be one component of a shotgun approach that I would suggest. Exercise helps depression. Eating healthy helps depression. Meditation definitely helps depression. I think of meditation as going to a happy place, free of pain/anxiety/depression, much like in Happy Gilmore.
    I know how difficult it is to even get out of bed when you are in the depths of depression. You need to get it into your head that by taking small steps, they lead to big changes over time. If you don't want to feel depressed, start exercising, meditating, eating healthy. It will seem impossible the first day, and you may be discouraged if you try to over do it. Set attainable goals. The first day, try to eat one healthy meal and walk to the end of the block. Then the next day, walk one house further or five houses further, and keep doing that. Gradually increase the amount of healthy foods, exercise and meditation. Don't try to run 5 miles your first day, because you will be sore for the next several days and not keep exercising.
    I always listen to this when I feel particularly depressed and it seems to lift my spirits somewhat and motivate me to make these small changes. The second video particularly, because it strikes so close to home for me.

    Also, I feel that stand up comedy is vastly underrated when it comes to helping depression. Laughing makes me feel better, and watching comedy makes me laugh.
  10. Can we get a bump and shit?
  11. I don't think depression has been cured, that I know of.

    And for me, cannabis sometimes AMPLIFIES my mood, I'd think depression would be worse if I'm high.
  12. Its just an outlet, moderation is key. And having other outlets
  13. I can help cope depression in some people, but doesn't completely cure it. Cannabidiol which is one of cannabis' main compounds helps regulate our natural endocannabinoid system that can aid or balance mood disorders.
  14. It calms my mind. It's the only real way that I can think clearly.
  15. Some people it makes it worse.
    Most it makes it better.
    Depends on the type of weed too.

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